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    [Grammar] I don't what are you doing/ what you are doing?

    Hi Teachers, I would like to know how to correctly write the following sentences. 1. I don't know what are you doing. or I don't know what you are doing. 2. I don't know what is happen. or I don't know what happen is. 3. I don't know what is going on. or I don't know what going on is. Please...
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    [General] Hard to pronounce 'Risks', 'Insists'

    Dear Native speakers, I have no idea how to pronounce 'Risks' and 'Insists' naturally and smoothly, I feel very hard to pronounce these kind of words with double 's' or trible 's' sound....especially in pronouncing 'Insists'...please let me know the technique how to pronounce it easily.....For...
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    [General] Different Pronunciation of 'Consideration'

    Hi Everybody, According to many dictionaries, the pronunciation of 'Consideration' should be kən ˌsɪd ə ˈreɪʃ but sometimes I hear people would say kən ˌsɪdruː ˈreɪʃ , I was wondering if it is a correct pronunciation, is it common in native speaking world? Please advise. Thanks. W
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    [General] Pronunciation of 'Juan'?

    Hi Everybody, I'd like to know how to pronounce the name of 'Juan' correctly, I heard different pronunciations from people but I think most of them are incorrect. Please advise. Thanks. W
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    [Vocabulary] Pronounce 'ct' sound at the end of the word?

    Hi Everybody, Many English words with 'ct' at the end, in the phonetics symbol it writes as kt, I was wondering if we REALLY need to pronounce the k sound in daily life, cos when I watch native speakers speak the following words, they seem just to pronounce as contact ˈkɒn tæt,perfect pə...
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    [General] More than two pronunciations for letter 'Z'

    Hi Everybody, Following link is the audio clip which recorded from the famous talking dictionary, I discovered that there are more than two pronunciations for letter 'Z', the third pronunciation of 'Z' is 'i-zərd', could you please tell me which English speaking country would pronounce 'Z' as...
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    [General] Distinguish Amr and Brit Eng during the conversation?

    Hi Everybody, I'd like to know how to quickly distinguish the guy who is speaking American English or British English during the conversation, I understand there are different pronunciation in some words, but any special characteristics or any key we can immediately know this guy is from US or...
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    [General] Pronunciation of "Extraordinary"?

    Dear all, Most people would pronounce Extraordinary as BrE / ɪkˈstrɔːdnri / or NAmE /ɪkˈstrɔːrdəneri /, recently I found an oxford dictionary for iPod, says it can be pronounced as /ˌekstrəˈɔːdɪnri/, I want to consult you guys, is it a correct pronunciation or any native speaker would...
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    [General] 'Ass and Arse' Pronunciation

    'As* and Ars*' Pronunciation Hi Everybody, As I understand, American English would use 'Ass', like Asshole, Asslicker....British English would use 'Arse', Arsehole, Arselicker, please correct me if I'm wrong. Here I'd like to know the pronunciation of Ass and Arse, in dictionary Ass pronounced...
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    "How do you do?" old school expression?

    Hi Everybody, In my little time, teachers always taught us to say "How do you do?" for greeting, however when I grew up, I never hear people say "How do you do?" in movies and in daily life.....I just want to know anybody would use "How do you do?" for greeting now? is it an old school...
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    [General] Pronunciation of "Immediately"????

    Hi Everyone, Standard pronunciation of "Immediately" I can find it in dictionaries, but sometimes I hear people would pronounce as 'Immedrly', 'diate' would be pronounced like a 'dr' a 'J' sound....The following Audio Clip I recorded from BBC, the guy pronounced as 'Immedrly'...'J'...
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    [General] Is she saying "Automatically"?

    Hi Everyone, I am not sure if the broadcaster said "Automatically", but I don't know why she pronounced "Automatly" without the sound of "tic". Please advise. BBC Broadcaster Download Automatically - MP3 Ringtone Automatically by Automatically - Free Music Hosting Longman Pronunciation...
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    BBC Broadcasters have different word stress on the word of "Highlight"

    Hi Everybody, I always ask the question about word stress, I seem to understand but still so confused. The following audio clips are from today's BBC News, there are two broadcasters, but I hear they had different word stress on the word of "Highlight", the male broadcaster said HIGHlight, the...
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    "Eat lunch" and "Have lunch"

    Hi Everybody, I would like to know if people say I am going to "eat lunch" to instead of "have lunch", is it grammatically correct? Please advise. Thanks. W
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    [Grammar] Do you speak English? VS Can you speak English?

    Hi Everybody, I really want to know the difference between "Do you speak English?" and "Can you speak English?" are they have same meaning? Thanks. W
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    [General] "H" is always slient in English World?

    Dear All, Native speakers always don't sound the "h", for instance, when they say "I like him", they would say "I likim", "What is her name?", they would say " What iser name?"....I want to know how come they don't pronounce the "h" sound and can you give me more examples? Thanks. W
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    [Vocabulary] The pronunciation of the last letter D "Mind", "God", "Good".....

    The pronunciation of the last letter D "Mind", "God", "Good"..... Hi Everybody, I was wondering how do you pronounce the following english words, "Mind","God","Good","Sound,"head" on and so on, all of them have "d" at the end. How come I ask this question? Because I hear some native...
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    [Grammar] Work Experience or Working Experience

    Hi Teachers, I want to know which one is correct? "Work experience" or "Working Experience"? I have 20 years work experience or I have 20 years working experience? W
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    [Grammar] How to make a category with grammatically correct?

    Dear Teachers, Currently I would like to make the categories for computer folders, but I don't know how to make it correctly, I mean I should use plural form for folder name or singular name for folder name. For instance, Game, Application, Utility, Dictionary, Book or...
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    [Vocabulary] What does "booty" mean?

    Hi Everybody, I can't find the right meaning of booty in many dictionaries, I watched the American TV series called "Everybody hates Chris", the child said "please scratch my booty." Please let me know if "booty" is a slang? Thanks. W