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    recommend and tense sequence

    Hello everyone, I'd like to ask about the proper tense sequence in the sentences introduced by the verb "recommend", as in the following examples: 1."So it was recommended to wait until equilibrium has been established." 2. "They recommended waiting until I return." 3. "My son's pediatrician...
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    put up a fight

    Hello everyone, Happy New Year and best wishes for the teachers and learners on the forum. I'd like to ask whether "put up a fight" is a synonymous to "put up a resistance" and if there are any other nouns which could follow up "put up" with the same meaning of offering resistance ? Best regards
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    it should be better..

    Hello everybody, I need help with the interpretation of the following sentence : "It should be better for you if you finished part of your work in these few days so you're not rushing in the days before the holidays" Can the above sentence be interpreted in one or all of the following...
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    present continious for "habitual" situations

    Hello everybody, It is almost impossible to find in grammar books about the usage of the present continious tense for "habitual" actions though it seems that its quite commonly used in the english language. Only in one place I've found that the present continious is used to denote some...
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    please proofread this sentence

    Hello everybody, I'd like you to check whether the sentence below is grammatically correct and if it is awkward to give a suggestion for rewriting it . "Every time you send us the papers we receive it after the truck had already passed the border." Thank you for your help
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    what follows "wish"

    Hello again, I've read that the verb "wish" is always followed with "would + infinitive" if the verb in question is an action verb i.e : I wish he would tell me .. I wish she would make up her mind ..etc But I've googled and found many hits for : I wish I worked there.. I wish they played...
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    subjunctive alternative

    Hello everybody, The point which is troublesome to me is whether the subjunctive mood is the only possible option in "that" clauses after the verbs like : "insist" , "recommend" ,"wish" , "suggest" and similar verbs. For example : He insists that steps be taken to meet this danger. He is...
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    Time clauses with "before" and "until"

    Hello again, I have a question about how the past perfect tense and the simple past tense fit together in time clauses and specially as to when it is correct to use the simple past tense instead of past perfect in the main clause? Is the simple past tense used in more informal speech and past...
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    Tenses following "until"

    Hello everybody, I'm often perplexed with the nuance between the usage of the simple present tense and the present perfect tense after the word "until" in time clauses. I think that the use of the simple present tense is a regular option but I'd like to know when the use of the present...
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    I hope ..

    Hello everybody , I have a question about the possible and correct usage of tenses after the verb "hope" in the example below : "I hope it will not be long before we meet again ." I think that the sentence above is a grammatically correct and regular expression for the idea conveyed with...
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    why don't ?

    Hello everybody, How are you doing all :-)? . I've recently read a book and find the following part of a dialogue confusing : ".. You'd like to see me dead. But you don't" This "don't" baffled me because i expected "will not" instead to complete the meaning as I understand it, i.e ..But...
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    possible interpretations of the sentence

    Hello everybody, I would like to know about possible interpretations of the following sentence: He was so annoyed that he didn't get that job. I think that in most contexts this means that his annoyance was caused by his failure to get a job, and the conjunction "that" can freely be...
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    non-finite complement

    Hello everybody, I have a question again (I bet you are surprised :-) ),this time about the structure of the following sentence : "His plan is to keep things secret . " What is the part " to keep things secret" in this sentence ? It looks like a subject complement to me. Incidentally, in...
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    interested in "get interested"

    Hello everybody, I need some help of course:-).If I'm ,for example, watching TV and some report or similar has attracted my attention ,what would be the most natural way to express the fact that the report make me interested in it,i.e attracted my attention.I would like if someone would give...
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    "so so" or what

    Hello everybody, I'm here again and I have a question :-).Here it is: If you are to do something not having enough time to do it and in the nick of the time you have succeeded in doing it but it is not done the way it should be,and you want to put into words the fact that it is made only for...
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    elements of the sentences in the passive voice

    Hello everybody, This time I would like to ask for your help in analysing the structure of some sentences in the passive voice if possible. Here are the sentences : 1. This picture was painted by Picasso. When the element that follows the preposition "by" in the passive sentence is the agent...
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    was taking or have been taking ?

    Hello everybody, Many greetings and best wishes to all the teachers and learners here in the New Year . Respected teachers keep up your precious work in the folllowing year and many years to come. Many thanks again for the help,time and effort you make to keep this site going. This time I have...
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    don't mind & find a fault with

    Hello, It's me again :-D .And I have a question to ask. If I want to say "please don't find a fault with me " for asking too much would it be the same if I said: "please don't mind me for asking too much" .I understand that the construction "don't mind me/it/for smth" often convey the meaning "...
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    "was to"

    Hello everybody, Here is a report from the news about the recent tragic incident in Finland: He was a legal gun-owner: he had a licence, having joined a shooting club recently. He had also posted chilling videos on the internet,warning of what was to happen. I've already been given the...
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    run something through something?

    Hello everybody, Here's a sentence from a magazine which has puzzled me: . A year earlier Pellicano had run the names of the two former Owitz's partners through the LAPD database. I haven't come across the usage of "run through" in this way so far,and dictionaries quote this construction only...