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  1. Tinkerbell

    Are my sentences correct?

    Have I written the following sentences correctly and all the forms are possible or not? Thanks in advance. A) In this meetings, they sat against the vast ocean and chatted for hours; talked from the art, economics, politics, from the war and love. B) They sat against the immense ocean and...
  2. Tinkerbell

    The Love's Tale

    Hello, I'm trying to translate the title of my novel's first chapter to English but I can't find the correct translation. I named it originally as "Love Tale". The female character stupidly in love with the male character but he doesn't so much in love with her and he is a cheater. So, it's not...
  3. Tinkerbell

    to toss down

    She saw that he tossed down the drink in his glass. or She saw that he tossed the drink in his glass down. Also, you say "in his glass" or "in the glass"?
  4. Tinkerbell


    Machine translation made my week-end. What does it mean? Machine translation (the money I earned from it) made my weekend holiday?
  5. Tinkerbell

    I need an idiom about daydreaming

    When someone was dayreaming or lost in thought, if another person came near her, what do she tell her? We say "Whereabouts you dive into again" in Turkish. What about in English?
  6. Tinkerbell

    "The Daughter of Baroness" as a title

    Do you think that "The Daughter of Baroness" nice and neat -- and common English -- as a book title? A freelance editor said me that I've used it incorrectly and my book is failed from the top title. But she didn't say the right form. What else I can say for it? Baroness' Daughter or The...
  7. Tinkerbell


    "Against all her tantrum and plenty of tears, she was betrothed to Hendrik." Have I used "the tantrum" correctly? Also, is a tantrum contains the tears thing too, so should I drop the tears part?
  8. Tinkerbell

    who said you I want to marry him

    "And even if you haven't betrohted, my dad never allowed you to marry an Irishman." "Who said you/that I want to marry him? We've only just met." Is the underlined sentence natural and understandable in English? Actually I want to say "Where do you heck you find/invent/spin something like...
  9. Tinkerbell

    I need an idiom

    "Hey, who is he? What were you two talking about?" "None. I was looking at the sea and he came to my side to say 'Hello.'" "And you started to tell him your life story?" Ella rolled her eyes. "Don't talk nonsense." I need an idiom for the underlined part. She talked to a stranger very long...
  10. Tinkerbell


    “Hmm, so your dad lives there. Well, what does he do there?” “He's on duty.” Ella would dogmatize it but Joseph apparently was a bit curious. I can't find the right word here. Ella's father is a Governor but she is a very humble person and doesn't want to tell him that her father is the...
  11. Tinkerbell

    are we good?

    Is it okay or I take it wrong? "My name is Joseph and I like to adressed in this way. Are we good?" "We are good, Joseph."
  12. Tinkerbell

    About my book.

    Hello my dear teachers, I've been writing a novel for some time and now I'm trying to translate it to English (lol). I'm also a literature translator, I'd translated some books for a publisher from English to my language - Turkish - with your helpings here. - By the way, I want to thank you all...
  13. Tinkerbell

    nay, aye

    Which usage is correct? She finds out that he is an English and pleased with it and thought to herself: Nay, he is an English! Aye, he is an English.
  14. Tinkerbell

    little miss

    Is "little miss" a common use? And a man of 30 can address to a 20 years old girl as "little miss"?
  15. Tinkerbell

    must've been

    Am I used it true or not? But Ella didn't want to marry. Still she was very young and must've been see nice days before she marry. She must've been show up every party, steal every young man's heart and play hard to get them, and finally if she had to marry in any case, she must've been choose...
  16. Tinkerbell

    a steamship was sailing

    A hot summer day of the year of 1919, a steamship was sailing in the cool (or cold?) water of Atlantic Ocean under the colors of Royal Dutch Sea Lines. or A hot summer day of the year of 1919, a steamship belong to Royal Dutch Sea Lines, was cruising in the cool water of Atlantic Ocean. or...
  17. Tinkerbell

    mentally cringed

    “Hey,” I said, my voice way too loud, “if you’re, uh, hungry or something, I can see what’s in the kitchen. Running for your life and dragging a powerless demon all over the world probably works up an appetite, huh?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I mentally cringed so hard, I’m...
  18. Tinkerbell

    to the point at hand

    “James,” Aislinn acknowledged. “You’re up kind of late this morning. Is Grace sleeping in, too?” Dad glanced up, and I could swear he blushed. “Hmm? Oh. Yes. Well. In any case. Um . . . to the point at hand.” “Leave Dad alone,” I told Aislinn. “His Britishness is short-circuiting.” to the...
  19. Tinkerbell

    lacks in pizzazz

    And just like that, the simplest way to get across the lake occurred to me. Standing up, I pointed a finger at the water. The surface of the lake began to ripple, and then, with a great whooshing sound, the water in front of us slid back, leaving a narrow, silver muddy trail along the lake’s...
  20. Tinkerbell

    Right up

    Jenna took the book from me but didn’t open it. “Okay,” she said. “Go deal with Archer.” “He’s upset, but this is more important,” I said, nodding at the grimoire. Let Cal and Jenna think I was brave and self-sacrificing. That was better than telling them that I was too chicken to talk to Archer...