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  1. Skrej

    He does music.

    At least in AmE, it's fairly common to substitute the verb 'do' for a more specific verb when the context makes it clear. I'll do the lawn if you'll do the garden = something like "I'll rake/mow the lawn if you'll water/weed/pick the garden. It only works if both parties understand what verb...
  2. Skrej

    Religion is not correct

    I don't see any grammatical issues with this statement. In fact, you often hear people of one particular religion describing another religion as 'wrong'. It may be a broad generalization, but it's still (unfortunately) a natural utterance. Heck, you even hear various denominations of the same...
  3. Skrej

    What does "Cambridge bound" mean?

    Intending to attend college at Cambridge University.
  4. Skrej

    storm / hurricane

    From NOAA: Once a tropical cyclone reaches maximum sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or higher, it is then classified as a hurricane, typhoon, or tropical cyclone, depending upon where the storm originates in the world. In the North Atlantic, central North Pacific, and eastern North...
  5. Skrej

    Can someone help with transcribing the lyrics of this punk song? (Thick British accent)

    I'm afraid I can't make much of it out. I've hyperlinked to the relevant times in the video for the specific phrases in question for anyone else who wants to listen.
  6. Skrej

    They are married all/both

    You might encounter something similar to the 'all' versions in antiquated or poetic language. You wouldn't encounter them today in daily writing or speech. I'm drawing a blank on the poem, but it seems like I've encountered similar examples in a poem. Again, poetic syntax often bends or...
  7. Skrej

    storm / hurricane

    I agree both are over-simplified and somewhat inexact. A storm doesn't necessarily have to have both wind and rain. My region frequently gets what we call wind and dust storms - completely devoid of any precipitation at all. Plus, even when there is wind and precipitation, it may be snow or...
  8. Skrej

    general gopher

    If this ranking is accurate, it would seem that MacCullagh is of mid-upper rank on the hierarchy, while a DS is of the 2nd lowest rank, so it makes sense for the DS to report to her and handle the more mundane, tedious tasks.
  9. Skrej

    Antarctica / the Antarctic

    I also don't know why that image labels Canada and the US as if they're not part of the same continent. Sometimes Mexico down to Panama is labeled separately as Central America, but that's a regional geographic distinction, not a continental one. As far as that goes, labeling Europe and Asia...
  10. Skrej

    She bent/leant + ???

    In both cases, 'bend' suggests just that - you're bending at the knees, waist, or both. Your head is closer to the ground. 'Lean' just suggests a slight tilt in whatever direction. You can lean, yet have your body remain in a relatively straight line. Your head stays at relatively the same...
  11. Skrej

    what pray tell compelled you to do that?

    I agree it's old-fashioned, but you still do hear it from time to time. I've been known to use the phrase myself, although when I do it's usually an attempt at humor/sarcasm (or to avoid cursing in front of the wrong audience). For learners, the phrase is fairly flexible in its position...
  12. Skrej

    Is there a name for this hairstyle?

    I'd just say it's pulled back in a loose bun.
  13. Skrej

    She had caught a glimpse of the great, stupid, puff-cheeked face

    It's more than a suggestion. It's a statement of fact that she could see the face. Yes, she sees a face in nature (perhaps something like this) , before she realizes it's an actual living giant. We can't tell for sure if she's seeing a frontal view or profile view of the face and head.
  14. Skrej

    From Beijing to Tianjin is two hours by train.

    What are 'shells' in this context?
  15. Skrej

    he caught many young men to fight for him

    It's grammatical, and understandable, but it suggests that the young men were forced to fight for him, like a slave army. He captured them first and then made them serve in his own army. ''Captured' also opens up the possibility that the men weren't necessarily from his own kingdom. A...
  16. Skrej

    Have you checked or have yourself checked?

    Neither one is a complete sentence. If you remove the initial 'to', the second one is possible as an imperative sentence.
  17. Skrej

    Batter and cake mix

    I've never tried it, but then again I don't eat butter straight, although Simon Leach (of the British potting family dynasty) does. I was shocked when I first watched that video years ago.
  18. Skrej

    that's your jam

    In this context, it means something you particularly like or enjoy. For some reason, when you click on the link with the following blurb from search results, it redirects you to the same link Probus posted, which does not include the definition shown in the blurb. It says it's redirected from...
  19. Skrej

    That is the closest thing you have done to damage since I've got here.

    I don't have any qualms with 'since I've gotten here' or 'since I've got here'. 'Got' is a common 2nd alternative for the past participle 'gotten'.
  20. Skrej

    hook up

    I imagine just a few more sentences will be enough. Although there are multiple meanings, I'm about 75% confident in this case it's using the meaning of 'supply or provide with', since the narrator is asking them to avoid taking any more of his/her cigarettes. We don't know what it is that...