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    [Grammar] Infinitive/Gerund/Preposition

    Hello teachers, How are things going? Could you please help-me with the following sentences?? > I use computers to send emails. (infinitive rule) > I use computers for sending emails. (gerund rule) I know both are correct but how about these two following sentences: > I'm used to...
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    Dear native teachers..

    Dear native teachers, How's everything going.. I have a question about have or get something done. (active) not (passive) >> Do you know where I can have someone fix my bike? ((or)) >> Do you know where I can have someone to fix my bike? Which one is correct??? (infinitive or preposition)...
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    Have and have got

    Hi teachers, How are you doing? I have a question... I'd like to know if this sentece is ok: >> I haven't any money (It's really weird!!) I've never heard that!! This means: I don't have any money. (or) I haven't got any money. >> Have you any money? (Weird!!) I've never heard that...
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    present progressive vs. future be going to

    Hi native speakers, It's a pleasure to be here again. You guys are so helpful. Thanks a lot. :-D My question is: When should I use future (present continuous) or ( be going to) for these situations... :?: "I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow." "I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow." Is...
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    Phrasal verbs

    Howdy, I have a question. Please, could any native speaker answer this one to me? What does this phrasal verb mean exactly... " I feel like a cold beer. " :?: " I'm feeling like a cold beer. " :?: Do they have difference??? :?: Do they mean.... "I want a cold beer...or I feel...
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    present perfect X simple past

    Hello everyone, Could anybody answer me this question? :?: - "I have visited many places since I came to Utah." or - "I have visited many places since I've come to Utah." Which one is correct??? :?: Thanks a lot :-D Ademilson
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    past perfect x simple past

    Hi there, Could you please answer this question? Which is the right one?? or both are ok?? :?: >> Did you hear that Ben was fired last month? He had been working for that important company for more than ten years and he had worked in almost every department.>> >> Did you hear...
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    comparative x superlative

    Hi there, I'd like to know which one is correct to say: > Some people learn better by going to a class. :?: > Some people learn best by going to a class. :?: Or maybe both are corret? Thanks a lot :lol: Ademilson
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    [Grammar] present perfect x past perfect

    Hi there, I gotta a question: (is it ok gotta)? :?: I'd like to know which is the correct form is these present perfect continuous and past perfect continuous examples: > I have been writing my essay for over an hour when I decided to start over with a new topic. :?: > I had been writing...
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    Grammar question

    Hello teachers,:-D It's good to rely on you. I have a question. Here we go: When do I use has/have or there is/there are on the following situations. She has a car and a house. (or) Se have a car and a houe. She/He/It has a car. (OK) singular They/I/We/You have a car or They have cars...
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    [Grammar] Article question.

    Hi there, I'd like to know why people use an instead of a in this following sentence: Please analyse all of them and then tell me which ones are correct and wrong. > Implementing an SOA using an Enterprise Service Bus. (an or a)?:?: > Implementing a Service base Architecture at Intel...
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    [Grammar] Prepositions

    Hi there, I'd like to know which preposition should be used in the following examples: This is for my family. This is to my family. Which one is correct?? How do I know when to use either TO or FOR ?? Are there books only about prepositions? Thanks a lot :-D