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    a sign

    There are two small capital R's in circles in the upper right hand corners of two words in my book: Verlco and Fris bee. What do they mean? Like c's in circles which show copyright. Thanks
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    a grammar teacher

    I don't like noise, so I'm not enjoying this place. I want to make a conditional sentence type two. Is this one correct? If I liked noise, I were enjoying this place. Or only If I liked noise, I would enjoy this place is correct?
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    what or where

    The drugstore is next to the bank? Which question is correct? Where is the drugstore next to? What is the drugstore next to?
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    This is an advertisement: Medical receptionist for busy doctor's office. Mature individual needed to answer phones, greet patients, make appointments, some filing and billing. What is the meaning of filing and billing here. Thanks
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    She had an stress interview, a type of job interview that features tough, tricky questions, long silences, and negative evaluations of the candidates. Can you give one example for each of bold parts? Tricky question and negative evaluation. Thanks
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    a grammar teacher+ used to

    We use only used to and not would wtih states. What does the writer mean by state here? Does he mean stative verbs? If not will you please help me? Thanks
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    What is the big deal about losig a little sleep? What is the meaning of "big deal"? Thanks
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    a grammar teacher

    "It's all lies!" Boyle cried. "Don't wake Cindy! Why did the writer use exclamation mark? Any special reason? Can we use a comma here? Thanks
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    a grammar teacher

    That's astounding! But getting back to the personal level, if I come to your clinic, what would you advise me to do? If this one is a conditional sentence type one, why did the writer use "would" in the result clause? Why not "will"? Does "would" have a special meaning here? My mohter always...
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    a grammar teacher

    When asked later, if he thought he had made the right decision, George smiled and nodded. I need the reason of putting the part between commas. Is that an appositive or no it has another reason? When asked later is a clause or phrase? I know what a phrase or clause is but here it dosen't have a...
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    Now, facing bankruptcy and a possible jail sentence, George decides to end his life by jumping into the river. Enter Clarence, an angel sent to help him. Clarence jumps into the water first, certain that, as always, George would put aside his own problems.... What is the meaning of "enter...
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    a grammar teacher

    Of course this passage has some mistakes ... he and his family spent on the Greek island of Corfu, the reader meets a number of the Greek islanders, including Spiro a pro-British taxi driver who befriends the family in never-to-be-forgotten ways, and the Rose-beetle Man ... Must we capitalize...
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    wh question

    Bring your licence and insurance to the police station within seven days. I want to make a wh question for the underlined part. Will you help me? Thanks
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    Weinlick liked the idea, so he advertised for a bride on the Internet on a Bridal Nomination Committee Web site. He devised an application form and asked friends and relatives to interview the candidates and select the winner. They did this at a "bridal candidate mixer" before the ceremony on...
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    passive voice+a grammar teacher

    Judith's colleagues started to respect her. Some said there was a disagreement between the president and vice president. I can't make them passive. What is the passive form of the above sentences. Thanks
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    comparatives+ a grammar teacher

    X is not as salty as Y. X is less salty than Y. Can we also say X is not saltier than Y. I mean is this structure correct ,or we should necessarily use less? Thanks
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    a grammar teacher

    The damage caused by the hurricane was the worst than had ever occurred in that state. This is an exercise which I have to correct. I know "than" isn't correct here. I want to know if the sentece is correct when I put "that" in place of than or not?
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    a grammar teacher

    I left the cinema because the film was bad. Is because the film was bad a dependent or an independent clause? Thanks
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    In a word like O'Neill what does that apostrophe mean? Does it have a special meaning? If yes can you give me another example? Thanks
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    a word

    What do call the thing which is used by babies who can't walk? Babies at the age of for example six month can't walk. There is something they sit in. It has wheels and they go where they want in the house. I don't mean a pram. Thanks