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  1. Skrej

    International Dialects of English

    I thought I'd share this for anyone interested in regional accents. Check out the IDEA (International Dialects of English Archive) page. It has samples of accented English from all over the world. It includes both native speakers with their various regional accents, as well as second...
  2. Skrej

    As less as possible?

    I'm curious if the expression 'as less as possible' is possible in BrE, or if Ramsey just made an error. AmE would be 'as little as possible', and what he says is mind-gratingly ungrammatical to my AmE ear.
  3. Skrej

    What names do you have for this appliance?

    Hi all, A coworker who is a fluent, non-native English speaker uses a particular term that I've never heard in AmE. I'm just curious if she's picked this term up from another variety of English, or if this is just something she's made up on her own. I suspect the latter, but despite my...
  4. Skrej

    A little humor

    I found this amusing enough to share. Edit: For any learners who may not understand why this is a joke, here's a hint. It involves the collective name for a group of the animals in the picture. You can research 'animal group names' or 'animal collective nouns' for more information, but...
  5. Skrej

    Use of 'shall cost'

    In an interesting twist of events today, I discovered the following when doing some research on the cost of grave headstones. Does anybody else find this an unnatural usage of 'shall'? An upright headstone, on the other hand, shall cost up to $10,000. Nonetheless, you can get simple upright...
  6. Skrej

    What are some of your favorite or most-used idioms?

    I decided this rotation to add some daily idioms to start off each class lesson. I'm starting off with the ones I find myself using frequently, but I thought I'd pitch the question to forum instructors, and even advanced learners. What are some of your favorite idioms, and what are some you...
  7. Skrej

    Rosetta Stone vs. Burlington English

    Hi all, Have any of you integrated Rosetta Stone or Burlington English into your English learning programs? Do any of you have any input into pros and cons of either, or have firsthand knowledge of both programs? Our center currently has licenses with Rosetta Stone, but that contract is...
  8. Skrej

    Marketing = run/do errands?

    This morning I heard a brief snippet of a conversation on the radio. Two women were extolling the virtues of our local public radio station (it's fundraising time again, unfortunately). One of the women said something like "My mother and I really enjoy listening to the station while we're...
  9. Skrej

    Regional name variants for vehicle that hauls animals

    So, after reading an article online, I think I've discovered that there may be several different regional names for the following items. I'm curious what you'd call each of the following, and whether you'd use different terms for them. Please post what you'd call them, and indicate your...
  10. Skrej

    Maps of American Profanity

    I found this interesting. A professor from Aston University in England has created a series of maps which show the relative frequency of particular profanities in America. As it turns out, certain words are more likely to be said in different parts of the US. Towards the top of the page, there...