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  1. amatoolah

    where can we postpone our poems ???????

    where can we postpone our poems please
  2. amatoolah

    reading enhances other skilss

    i see you are talking about how can reading develop sub skills of the primary skils(speaking , listening, & writing), but my question is how can reading affect positively on the primary skills?Thanks in advance.
  3. amatoolah

    competency based approach

    please, i want to know the competency based approach ?can anyone help me thanks in advance
  4. amatoolah

    Reading develops other skills

    How can reading develop or enhance each skill separately from another ?
  5. amatoolah

    trainee teacher's objectives

    what are the objectives of trainee teachers?please ineed enough information about this issue thank you .
  6. amatoolah

    Reading enhances other skills

    how can reading enhance or develop other skills?
  7. amatoolah

    teaching large efl class

    Hi .please i have a question concerning teaching large classes, can someone tell me what the problems of teaching large number of students, its aspects, and how can we as teachers solve this problem & provide an optimal learning to students. Thank you so much
  8. amatoolah

    Teaching large classes

    Hello everybody,please does anyone has an idea about problems of teaching large classes & how can teachers solve these problems? Thank you so much for your help. please .i need enough info about teaching large clasees:problems & solutions thank you