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    these tinker are on the menu

    Hello, What's the meaning of the word "tinker" in the following sentence? Does it have an irregular plural form? The Young Man and the Sea by Great Source
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    These are the parents of the new generation, which, by simple inheritance, possesses

    Hello, My understanding of the following sentence tells me that the verb "possess" refers to the pronoun "these". Thus, the verb should be in its plural form, possess, to be in accordance with the plural pronoun, however, the vice versa is shown is the below sentence. Why? + Silent Spring by...
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    its atmosphere expanding into space in a kind of stellar gale

    Hello, I feel that the bold part of the following sentence is not complete. I really see no reason to use an ing form in this clause. what do you think? The original: My version: Source: Cosmos
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    his arrival in England and debriefing by MI6

    Hello I am wondering if the following sentence is correct, as the author has not used a passive construction for the verb "debrief". The original sentence: "Blake sat with Rodin on the bench and described his arrival in England and debriefing by MI6." My Version: "Blake sat with Rodin on...
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    [General] the ocean recedes leaving little pools

    Hello I have problem with the grammatical rules applied to the following sentence. Hence, I first provide you with my own version and then I ask my questions. The original text My version: I cannot understand the necessity of the second "leaving" after comma! I even think that it is...
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    [Grammar] until she was flailing through or until she flailed through

    Hello I am wondering why the verb coming after "until" is in the past progressive form! You may reason that it is because of the continuity of the action but if so, would you give me another example that the verb coming after "until" is in the past progressive mode? The Reader by Traci Chee
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    [Grammar] being economical versus past tense

    Hello Before getting through my question, I would like to apologize for not knowing the name of such structures in grammar. The problem is that I don't know when to be economical with English and when to use the past tense. I have intuitionally found that if "and" gets removed after a comma...
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    [Grammar] to have someone done something

    Hello I am aware that there is structure in English named "causative structure" in which the doer is not the subject of the sentence. The causative structure forms like this " have someone do something", but in the following sentence, it seems that there's someone else promoting the social...
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    as they picked it up in the lead encounter for an insurmountable 14-1 lead

    Hello I cannot understand the red part. would you please help me with the part, especially with the meaning of "picking it up"? Team Europe win fourth consecutive Laver Cup
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    while I scrambled through the overgrowth

    Hello, What does "Scrambling through the overgrowth" mean in the following sentence? Endangered By Eliot Schrefer
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    [General] the Court barred any victim of race discrimination by the police

    Hello, what does the following sentence mean? Does it mean that victims were not allowed to claim race discrimination by the police? "In other words, the Court barred any victim of race discrimination by the police from even alleging a claim of racial bias under the Fourth Amendment." The New...
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    [Vocabulary] Galloping low

    Hello. I am just trying to understand what the text tries to say! It seems a hard text for me. But as the first question, what does "galloping low" mean? Does it mean riding a horse in a downhill? If so, why hasn't "galloping down" been replaced with the original as the second one sounds more...
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    [General] you still hear versus you'll still hear

    Hello, I assume that the attack of people to bread, pasta and potato is a common practice even after his death, so why the author has used the future tense for describing the attack? why not a present simple? The original: My version:
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    [Grammar] the head of versus head of

    Hello, I want to know why "the" is removed from some texts for describing the position of a person. for instance, what is the difference between "Donald Trump, the president of the US" and "Donald Trump, president of the US"? My next question is about the meaning of "Missionary Order".
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    before unexpectedly endorsing a Liberal

    Hello I cannot understand the red part. Actually, I have both problems with its grammar and meaning. Would you help me?
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    [Grammar] other than either the Conservatives or Liberals

    Hello I have two questions regarding the below paragraph: 1) Does "other than either the Conservatives or Liberals" mean "except of the two parties"? 2 What does "constituency seats" mean? Does the phrase refer to the capability of NDP or if it shows the power of other two parties?
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    tossed claims by the state

    Hello I have two questions regarding the below paragraph: 1) Does "a September ruling" mean that the rule was issued in September? 2) I cannot understand the grammar of the bold part. it seems that the author has used a construction of this kind "tossing claims by something" which is wrong...
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    [Grammar] a fully fledged and integrated feature built

    Hello, I can't understand the connection between the bold part of the below sentence with the rest of the sentence. Would you please help me? According to Intel 471, in March 2021, DarkSide “rolled out a number of new features in an effort to attract new affiliates. These included versions for...
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    [Grammar] to receive this vaccine starting Monday

    Hello, I can understand the whole concept of the below sentence but to my mind a preposition, either [from] or [on] is required after [starting]. what do you think? The impression I get from the following sentence without above mentioned prepositions is wierd. I also don't remember from what...
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    [General] turning a clearance rate of 78.5 per cent

    Hello, I have two questions regarding the following sentence: 1) what's the grammatical category of this structure? I mean what I should google to gain more information on this structure!? 2) Isn't it a dangling structure as the subject of the sentence does not match the phrase "returning...