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  1. jomo27

    Please help me correct this (My English is not improving)

    Dear Mr/Mrs, It's been a while since the last time you sent me a message. I have been very busy with assignments. Is the internship program still open to me? Full-time 8 weeks long on July? Waiting for your reply. Regards, XXX IS THIS CORRECT?
  2. jomo27

    Is this correct to say?

    Is the reply correct? Thanks guys for the birthday wishes, enjoy your day!
  3. jomo27

    IS this correct?

    Is this correct? No, I don't recognize her and what I know is only that she is david's girlfriend, and did you add me last time?
  4. jomo27

    Is these sentences correct to say?

    1. I will act and treat him nicely as I will help him in any difficulties in English language. 2. I hope that he can help me using any ways to improve my Chinese. Is it okay to put "brainstorming" in the interest line? THANKS!
  5. jomo27

    How to say it correctly?

    Me and my friends haven't met since we have graduated from university. Is it correct to say this "We should meet up some time in Japan? or "We should catch up some time the time we are in Japan. Since Japan is our native country.
  6. jomo27

    Please help me to check this

    Thanks! My name is Jonathan, and I'm from Canada. I would like to ask few questions about the program since I'm very curious into the program. Well, I wanna request something from you, which is can you send me the brochure of the program to my home? I'm looking forward to see your reply.
  7. jomo27

    Please check it.

    Please help me to correct these sentences, THANKS! :-D 1. It's okay make a mistake, but don't make it twice. 2. Never regret the past. 3. Learning/studying management using Chinese is so damn hard. 4. I wish I can turn back time.
  8. jomo27

    Is it correct to say like this?

    Are these sentences correct to say? "Happy birthday my friend! I'm hoping to meet you up next year" "Happy birthday my friend! I hope we can meet up next year"
  9. jomo27

    Help me to correct these

    Sorry for asking you guys to help me. I haven't used English for 2-3 years since I study other language. Thanks anyway! 1. Time passes very fast. 2. It's better to do something that you have passion on it. 3. It's hard to get rich, but it's even harder to maintain rich. 4. Still got a...
  10. jomo27

    Help me to correct these sentences

    Five thumbs for those who help me. Thanks! 1. Good then. I'm bored with Seoul and I'm still a long way to go, can't wait to the time I will graduate. 2. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen in the next 5 years. 3. When you wait for something, it will feel very long, but once you get it...
  11. jomo27

    Is this correct?

    Help me correcting it. Thanks! "I see, are you going to settle down there? Well, I'll be back to Tokyo in less than 2 weeks. I'm continuing my bachelor's degree in Beijing."
  12. jomo27

    Is this sentence right?

    "Sometimes the best is not always be the winner"
  13. jomo27

    Is this correct?

    THANKS! "The group is made for SIS PIK Alumin '07 students, and it's purpose only for networking"
  14. jomo27

    Is this sentence correct?

    "When you get older, you will know how precious time is" Thanks!
  15. jomo27

    Help me.. :D

    Hi! I would like to make a quiz for my teachers and friends, and it's called "How well do you know me?", So please help me correcting the mistakes. Thanks! ;-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. When is my birthday? 2. What is my favourite colour? 3...
  16. jomo27

    Please check it.

    I would like to send an email to some Universities, therefore please help me in the writing. Thanks! Dear Mr/Mrs, Firstofall, I would like to introduce my self, my name is Tom and I'm just a student who is taking a Diploma program and looking for a university that may capable with me...
  17. jomo27

    Help please..

    Please check it. Thanks! Have a good day! According to the law, students who are still under 17-years old are not permitted to attend the competition unless the school which they are studying sending a request mail to us.
  18. jomo27

    Help me..

    Please check the English. ;-) Thanks! 1. People who are lazy will never get what they want. 2. People who are lazy will never be success. 3. Lazy people will never be success.
  19. jomo27


    Help me checking the grammar and structure. Thank you very much! H A P P Y C H I N E S E Y E A R ! ! ;-) ;-) ;-) 1. Sometimes friends can be enemies in business. 2. Friends are enemies when it comes to business. 3. Friends can be enemies when it comes to business.
  20. jomo27

    Please check it.

    Please check the grammar and structure. Thanks! :up: 1. I'm really interested with anything that involves money.