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    first conditional

    hi, could anyone please tell me how I could concept check that a student has understood meaning for the first conditional. If you see a black cat, you'll have good luck.
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    concept check

    hi, how would you concept check this question. Why did you go to the library? The student could say I go instead of went. Thanks
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    would and will - future

    I would open a restaurant in the New York. I will have 8 tables and about 15 waiters. could someone please clarify for me at the difference. is it that will is likely to happen and would is unlikely to happen but not impossible?
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    hi, is it difficult for beginners to pronounce the word HUNGRY? where do we put the stress? is it the stress tricky? thank you
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    hi, i want to help my friend be a better writer. could anyone tell me what she is good at and what she needs to improve on. Befar some became muslim did u think an haw(who) give life? give u food and some drink? chlas(clothes) to take an? u have a good helf (health) haw can u thank...