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    Feet or foot?

    Hi, I really wonder what is the difference between these two units of measurment? I asume that "feet" usually is used for expressing "height" while "foot" is used for "lenght, width" measurment. Am I right? Thanks
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    relevant margins of adjustment

    Hi, I would like to know if "relevant margins of adjustment" is a specific econimic termination? I can not make sense out of the phrase below. In essence, fiscal devaluation requires the policymaker to have access to a sufficiently large menu of independent instruments such that policy can act...
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    strikes us as a stretch

    Hi, Here is another phrase whivh I could not figure out, what strijes us as a strech means? does it means "surprises us"? Given all these real-world constraints on the making of fiscal policy in the euro area, the notion that German policymakers acted on a wide array of instruments to deliver...
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    cross the line into assuming

    Hi, Could anyone please help me with the phrase below? what "when do cross the line into assumine..." means? The question, however, is when do we cross the line into assuming that policymakers can have access to so many instruments and they can act on so many margins that they can get the...
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    Deutsche Mark

    Hi, Could anyone please help me to undrestand the frase below? Thank you all in advance While it is true that Germany would have seen the Deutsche Mark appreciate in the current situation, the euro area’s monetary policy cannot target Germany’s current account. source...
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    opening up, rise

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me what "openin-up" and "the rise" mean here? Thus, the opening up of Eastern Europe, with its large pool of skilled workers, happened just at the time when Germany needed these skills most. The rise of Eastern Europe was also a driving force behind Germany...
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    building production networks

    Hi, Could anyone please simplify the phrase below? I can't undrestand it. Intrinsically linked to the trade liberalisation of Eastern Europe after the fall of communism, Germany’s newly decentralised firm structures and labour markets flourished in building production networks that have...
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    the upside for them

    Hi, could anyone please hepl me with this phrase? I can't figure out what the underlined part means. One big PR nightmare can get the company in a lot of trouble and get your interviewee fired, while the upside for them in your using the story is probably very low. Thanks From the book "Sell...
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    the decision on the expediency

    Hi, Could someone please help me to understand the phrase below? In our opinion, the decision on the expediency of these studies should be related to the problem of the ore reserve increase at the acting mine of the near by Nakhlak deposite. Source: Report No. 21 on Torkemani deposites
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    I bend my arm or my elbow?

    Which one of the following is correct? My professor argues that "I bend my elbow" is the correct form to express it, because we actually can not bend our arms! 1.I bend my arm. 2.I bend my elbow. Thanks a lot.
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    Anticipatory summary

    Hi, Could anyone please help me to understand it giving an equivalent for it? Thanks
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    Hi, Could anyone please simplify the bold phrase for me? To discuss consumer research as a functional activity would give an erroneous impression. In its broad implications it is more in the nature of an OPERATING PHILOSOPHY, which, to be fully effective, must extend through all phases of a...
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    Tell them what you are going to tell them

    Hi, Could anyone please help me understand the sentences below? Apparently they are clear enough to figure out but I really failed to find out what meaning they want to communicate. “TELL THEM WHAT you’re going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.” From the book "Sell...
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    to be stuck with

    Hi, I have trouble figuring out the meaning of the underlined part. I will appreciate any help with this part. What "the others" is referred to? She can be more confident that these bonds won’t default, because multibillion-dollar companies are often paying off the loans, not just individual...
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    Make it a point to

    Hi, I want to know the meaning of "make it a point to" and "take in" in the sentence below. Does "make it a point to" mean "to insist to do something", how about "take in" if I deem it as "to take a part", "to partecipate"? He was there for a corporate event, but like everyone else, he made...
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    Warm prompt

    Hi, This is s a title I've found here. What does it mean? Does "prompt" here mean "reminder"? Thanks a lot.
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    close line

    Hi, Could someone please help me to figure out the meaning of the underlined part? STORYTELLING GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE ORIGINAL. Let’s face it: most professional buyers have seen it all. They’ve heard every pitch, tactic, and attempted close line in the book. From the book "Sell...
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    bring out

    Hi, Does "bring out" means "publish" here? Behavioral scientists Michael Ross and Garth Fletcher found—bearing out Isen’s research—that when people are in a negative emotional state it will cause their perceptions to be more cynical. Thanks
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    I will throw in my pet frog

    Hi, Could anyone please help me to undrestand the meaning of the underlined part? Positive emotional states can even raise your average sale price.That is what an experiment led by social psychologists Karen O’Quin and Joel Aronoff found when they had sellers joke, “I will throw in my pet...
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    Hi, I would like to know what excatly "buy-in" means in the sentence below. Does it mean "agreement" o "money"? Convey steps 1 and 2 to buyers and ask for their buy-in to the value you have presented. Thanks a lot. Source: The science of Selling