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    [Grammar] "working hours is" vs "working hours are"?

    Hi, I’ve been reading about labor laws here and found something interesting in the comment section. I was wondering which of these sentences are correct and which are wrong? My working hours is from 8 am to 6 pm My working hours are from 9am to 8pm Thanks :-)
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    [Grammar] "Once I receive ... " vs "Once I received ... "

    Dear teachers and friends, What is the difference between the following sentences and which one is the correct one?1. Once I receive …2. Once I received …3. Once I’ve received …Thanks in advance
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    [Grammar] How to delegate/assign a task politely?

    Dear teacher and friends, I would like to know how to delegate a task to a team member in a polite way. There are a few sentences that people always use, but I’m not sure if they are correct or not. Feel free to add any sentences if you find it appropriate. Thanks in advance.
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    [Grammar] The update is complete

    Dear teachers and friends, I would like to know if the sentences below are ok or not. Thanks in advance. :-D
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    Not approve yet vs not approved yet

    Dear teachers and friends, How are you doing? I hope everything went well there. I have a quick question here. What is different between: 1. Not approve yet 2. Not approved yet Thanks in advance. Your advise in this matter would be highly appreciated.
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    Sample of employee performance review

    Hi teachers and friends, Every year, employee are required to write their own performance review. This is my first time to write my own performance review. This review is very important as it will affect my salary increment and bonus. Therefore, I would appreciate if you could share with me...
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    Request to work from home

    Hi all, The purpose I’m writing this is to get an advise how to request to work from home via email. I’ll draft my email below. Please proof read my writing and let me know if I need any improvement. If you have better idea, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Is he in the office?

    Hi to all teachers and friends, Can you please proof read my writing. It's been a long I didn’t log in into this site. I think that it’s good idea to keep writing and send it here, at least someone with a better English will read and notice if there is any mistake in my writing. In this...
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    going to install

    Hi teachers and friends, I'm not sure whether this is the correct usage for going to and the second sentence sounds like repeating. Please do let me know if there are any mistake in my sentence below. Or please suggest and advice if there are better alternative than the sentence. Thanks :)
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    Re-schedule the training

    Hi teachers and friends, I was required by my supervisor to schedule an internal training with senior staff and here is the draft of the email. Please let me know if there is any mistake with the email or any error that you find in this post. Thanks in advance. Hi John, Referring to Mike's...
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    Re-schedule the testing…

    Dear teacher and fellow friends, I’m working on one network issue with my client. On our last discussion, they want to do some testing on the network. However, I didn’t agree with the date because I’m still waiting the investigation result from my technical support. Today, I just received the...
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    How to say that I'm not around and they can forward it to our group emaill

    Hi teachers and fellow friends. Here is the situation… I’m working on a team. One day, there’s problem happened and they contact me directly. Normally, any problem should be email to our group team so everybody aware about it. I’ve replied the mail to respond about the problem but forget to...
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    Conference call - how to

    Dear teachers and fellow friends, I would be grateful if you guys can share some experience and guide how to handle a conference call. I just attend my first conference call today. I’m feeling quite nervous but I have to face it. Me : Hi everybody, I’m Hampeh from Network Team. How are you...
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    want to reply to interview invitation

    Here is the scenario. I just joined the Company ABC and still in training. At Company ABC, I’m working on shift whereby I have a lot of time. In order to utilize the free time, I plan to teaching at local and nearby university or college. Yesterday I received an email from University XYZ. They...
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    Farewell letter & apologize

    Dear teacher and friends, I’m leaving the company soon. So before I leave, I want to thanks and also to apologize to everybody for any mistake that I’ve done. Your comment and advice would be very much appreciated. Subject : Farewell Hi All, As you may know, today is my last day with Company...
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    My public speaking - please advice

    Dear teachers and friends, I’m going to present a public speaking soon. The book we used in the class is The Art of Public Speaking 9th Edition by Stephen E. Lucas. Here is the draft of the introduction. We are required to present it in about one to two minutes. Your advice and comments on...
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    Follow up letter after attend the interview

    Dear teachers and friends, With reference to the link above, I would like to asking your advice about my situation. Your suggestion and comment would be very much appreciated. I...
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    Asking advice about my career

    Dear teachers and friends, First of all, I am sorry if I put this question on the wrong section because this is the only section that has relation with career since it discussing about resume and cover letter. If you find it didn’t appropriate to be here, you can move it to somewhere else...
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    Apologize for unable to attend to class

    Subject: Apologize for unable to attend to class Dear Teacher / (Ms. Teacher's Name), I am afraid that I might not be able to attend to your class this week due to fact that I have to be in German to attend Seminar. Is possible, kindly please give me the details of the assignment and...
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    Accept the job offer and ask for salary rise

    Dear teachers and friends, Here is the situation. Kindly please proof read my writing. Your kind assistance would be very much appreciated. A couple of months ago, John turn down job offer from company A because at the same time, he also had another offer from company B. After considering...