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    Hi, What's the implication of conservative christian truck-driver ? Thank you!
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    marijuana and cannabis are same thing?

    Marijuana and cannabis are same thing? My Chinese-English dictionary defines them same word. Thanks!
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    The toothpaste is out of the tube

    Does the words I highlighted in blue refer to "marijuana"'s users are as small as the toothpaste of the tube? If no, what does it mean? Is it an idiom? Thanks!
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    10 people vs. 10 persons

    This is the example sentence from Oxford Dictionary. Are "10 people" and "10 persons" interchangeable? Is "10 people" more usual than "10 persons"? Thank you!
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    calling one person a "Bozo" or three people "Stooges

    I am not sure I understand the words I highlighted in red. "Bozo" and "stooge" both can be used in either singular or plural. Why did the writer indicate "one person", and "three people" ? Thank you!
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    Please can all first class and business class proceed to the boarding gate. Do you think "proceed" is related to go to particular place? So in the airport, "proceed" is used, comparing to "go". On the other hand, proceed is more formal than "go"? Thank you!
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    suffix-y, ie

    Do you think it is offensive or embarrassing if I call my friends Tom, Bob who are mature adults, "Tommy", "Bobby", etc? Thank you!
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    equvalent words for foodie

    Source: Wikipedia What are other equvalent words for foodie? I only know gourmet. Could you please tell me a couple of them. Thank you!
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    it's illegal for any slime bucket to hook up with a live fish

    source: yelp This is a sex law in the US. What does it mean? Can you rephrase the two sentences above? Thanks!
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    She is a predator posing as a house pet

    I heard someone said, "She is a predator posing as a house pet" to another man in an American movie. I got the drift of the words. Is "a predator posing as a house pet" an idiom? Thank you~
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    machine= She ?

    Hi, Is "machine" in English female, as "ship" is? An online dictionary indicates "her" refers to "machine" in the idiom- let her rip. Thank you!
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    we are Ozzie and Harriet

    In Fight Club, an American movie, an narrator said, "Most of the week, we are Ozzie and Harrie". The next scenario is not directly relevant to the above words. He was living with a man. They enjoyed physically fighting each for some psychological pleasure. I just learned there's another...
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    [Vocabulary] amyl nitrite

    Hi, I heard the following words I highlighted in blue and bold from an Ameican movie named Fight Club. I've learnt what they are basically. 1- lubricants and amyl nitrite 2- I saw you at melanoma, I saw you at tuberculosis 3- the microwave cordon bleu hobby kit 4-after we open our heart...
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    Well, that's up to the courts now.

    Hi, In an American movie, a defendant who was charged with murder. During his trial, he suddenly lost his reasons. Later his lawyer came to the prison to meet him, and told him that he was going to be sent to a mental hospital instead of staying in jail. Roy: When will I see you again...
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    counselor vs. attorney

    In American movie, I heard a defendant addressed his lawyer as counselor.I knew attorney and counsel both refer to a lawyer who can defend their clients in court, but what is the different usage between them?Thank you!
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    Toast: Salut

    In American movie named Primal Fear, a lawyer was meeting his client's place, and they decided to close the lawsuit. The client raised a glass of alochol and toasted, "Salut".I knew it is French, but did Americans do say salut when they made a toast? If no, what do most Americans say for...
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    Hi,Could you tell me how you will write W in English letters, instead of using phonetic code?For example, Ai for A, Bee for B remember someone used letters to write "W". It is something like Dubulu, but I forget it. I just want to know this letter-W.Thank you~
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    I am watching an American movie named Primal Fear. An attorney was meeting his client who was accused of murder. There is the printing of D.O.C on the back of the T-shirt the defendant wore. Does D.O.C mean Department of Correction? Do suspects wear that mostly in the US if you know...
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    Hi, Can you possibly explain why spatula is pronounced as spatchela. I mean "t" for "tch", and "u" for "e" in after? Is spatula a French loanword, something like that? Thank you!
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    etymology dictionary

    Hi, I looked up some words via online etymology dictionary, but sometimes it will have some irrelevant words or entries apprear meanwhile. For example, I was looking up plethora. The first one is relevant, but the second is spinach, which is irrevant...