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    See why commas keep us from being savages!
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    Helpful preposition pairings

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    Holy verb string, Batman!

    Yesterday, I said I was having a working lunch off site and would go home afterwards to take my 2 pm conference call. But our lunch meeting ran long. I need 45 minutes to get home. By 1:30, I knew I'd have to go back to my office for the 2 pm call instead of trying to get home. My coworker said...
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    Differences between hope and want

    Okay, I came across a grammar thing that I can't figure out. She wants a pony. -- No problem - "wants" is a transitive verb and "a pony" is clearly a noun phrase, the object of "wants." All good. She wants to visit Italy. -- Starting to get confused. "to visit Italy" is... what? it has to act...
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    And a bit of English dies...

    Scottish Man Dies, Taking Town's Dialect With Him - ABC News
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    If he wants to

    Okay, so you know I hate giving things labels, but is the "to" in "if he want to" a preposition or part of the implied infinitive that is left out? She can go if she wants to. (Implied - if she wants to go) Usually I don't care, but after a snarky comment about "not ending a sentence with a...
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    Commonly confused words

    My sister, who has a job similar to mine, sent me this link. Hope you enjoy: 10 everyday words that are often misused | Articles
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    Passive, past perfect continuous

    This morning, I spontaneously created a sentence using the passive past perfect continuous. We were talking about the new movie about chimpanzees. I had heard an interview with the filmmaker and he was talking about scientists who had been studying the same, um... troop? tribe? flock? group of...