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    Happy New Year

    I would like to wish everyone on UE a very happy, healthy, sparkly New Year. Let's make 2022 the year that not a single user starts a question with "How to"! 😉
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    Please do not sit here

    The sign above has been stuck to lots of bus seats in the city where I live. Every time I read it, I think "OK, then what should I do to support social distancing?" It's a perfect example of how swapping the two halves of a sentence would make it much clearer.
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    Pluralising surnames

    Learners (and a few native speakers!) might find this useful:
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    Me, myself and I

    Courtesy of Analytical Grammar (Facebook page).
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    "Passive Panic" (article)

    This article in The Economist makes some valid points about the use of the passive. Click HERE.
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    Could you please help me to correct my writting?

    What's "AFS"? Do you really only want to know about your use of conjugations? What does ;w; mean?
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    15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary

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    The 58 most commonly misused words in English

    Members might be interested in THIS.
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    The great who/whom mystery

    Confused about when to use "who" and when to use "whom"? Have a look at this: Beautifully done!