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  1. Red5

    Scheduled Forum Maintenance This Weekend

    We will be undertaking essential maintenance on the forum this weekend. This is to perform a software migration to a new, more modern software platform. As a result, the forum will be unavailable for long periods during Friday, Saturday, and perhaps Sunday too. Once complete, your existing...
  2. Red5

    Updated: Teaching Social English (eBook)

    We're pleased to announce that the 'Teaching Social English' eBook by Alex Case has just been updated to the 2nd edition! It now contains over 370 pages of classroom tested photocopiable materials to teach and practise social English. Grab your copy here...
  3. Red5

    Please welcome our new staff member, GoesStation

    Welcome to the team, GoesStation! :cheers: Thanks for agreeing to join us. :) We actually asked GoesStation to join us some time ago, and thankfully he's now been able to take us up on the offer, which is great news! Welcome! :hi:
  4. Red5

    Planned maintenance, Saturday 11th May 2019

    Dear all, I just want you to be aware that there will be a period of planned maintenance overnight on Saturday 11th May 2019 (UK Time). Our hosting providers are relocating our servers to a new secure, state-of-the-art facility which will enable us to provide you with a higher level of service...
  5. Red5

    Response Needed: Notice of Policy Updates

    As part of our ongoing effort to provide the best service to learners, teachers and language lovers, we have updated some of our policies. Effective from May 19, 2018, updated Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and Cookies Policy will be in place on To facilitate this we have...
  6. Red5

    Advance notice: Server maintenance on Friday 28th (GMT)

    Dear all, I just wanted to let you know that we are having some work undertaken on our server this coming Friday 28th April at around 2AM GMT for a short period. This is to allow some of the server hardware and software to be upgraded. The site will be offline during the work...
  7. Red5

    Change your passwords!

    Dear community, Over the last few days there has been a lot of buzz on the internet about something called CloudBleed. TL/DR In short, web services and security company Cloudflare found a tiny bug which has led to an unknown quantity of data - including passwords, personal...
  8. Red5

    Recent issues with 'frozen' forum pages

    Over the last 12 hours or so there have been reports that the forum pages have stopped updating. This seems to have been an issue with our content caching system, meaning that updates to content were being recorded but were not being displayed. At the same time it was difficult to log in to the...
  9. Red5

    Migrating from http to https

    Migrating from http to https Summary: Over the last few months we have been working very hard behind the scenes to provide a major security upgrade to Since launched in February 2002 users have been accessing the site using something called the HTTP...
  10. Red5

    Free teacher handouts & online quizzes

    Free teacher handouts & online quizzes Summary: In the past it was a requirement that you would have to register with the site before you could access any advanced level content in the teacher handout and online quiz sections, and some beginner and intermediate content in those areas was also...
  11. Red5

    Posting Guidelines

    Posting GuidelinesThis discussion forum is designed so that learners can ask questions to teachers about the English language. You can help keep it organised by sticking to a few simple rules when you post. In doing this you might well find that more people reply to your posts too! Choose the...
  12. Red5

    Password reset

    As part of a periodic review of security on the site we have forced a password reset for all of our users. We have also configured the site to request that passwords are changed every 180 days (every 6 months). We realise that this causes a minor inconvenience to our users but...
  13. Red5

    Idiom PDF Downloads Now Available

    Idiom PDF Downloads Now Available Summary: We have now made a selection of our English idioms available to download. We've recently published our British and American English idiom lists, and our list of animal idioms, in PDF format. These PDFs include lists of English idiom expressions and...
  14. Red5

    Exporting Data from the Advanced Text Analyser

    Exporting Data from the Advanced Text Analyser Summary: We have today released an upgrade to the advanced text analyser that allows you to export data and results from your text analysis results. Click here to read the whole article Note: This thread is closed. Please make comments on the...
  15. Red5

    Our new Android app

    We're pleased to announce that we've just launched our new FREE Android app, now available from Google Play at: With ESL Mobile, you can Gain full access to the forums directly from your...
  16. Red5

    Fundraising Update

    Fundraising for Cancer Research Hiya, Just a quick update on my fundraising efforts. Well, we've now had a few donations to my fundraising efforts and I have to say... Thanks to those who have donated so far!!! We've raised a grand total of £66 in two weeks, which is wonderful and I'm really...
  17. Red5

    Please welcome our new staff member, Rover_KE!

    Welcome to the team, Rover_KE! Thanks for agreeing to join us. :-) :up:
  18. Red5

    Privacy Policy Update

    Privacy Policy Update In order to comply with a new European law relating to the use of personal information, we have updated our privacy policy. This now includes a thorough analysis of our use of your personal information and our use of tracking technologies like cookies. Don't Panic! We...