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    In casual conversation, yes, but don't expect everyone to know what it means.
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    when must I use "of" to link two nouns

    Their use of "etc" is really unhelpful. How are you supposed to know what's included in that "etc"? The following example sentences are correct and natural and don't follow your "rule". The palace's turret is starting to crumble. The car's bonnet is still hot so the car was clearly driven...
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    I bought this (off)(of)(from) my neighbour

    BrE frequently uses "off" there, as well as "from". Please don't use "off of". It's a really annoying habit that some native speakers have and it drives many of us insane!
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    attach (to this email)

    Don't put it at the end of the sentence. That would sound strange. If you're going to use it, put it in the middle: I'm going to attach two of the articles to this email, along with some of the other required documents.
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    "sport" meaning

    Yes, we frequently just say "OK?" to people, meaning "How are you?/How are things?/Are you OK?" and plenty of other variations. It can even mean things like "Are you ready [to go]?" Context is everything!
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    stop or comma

    If I had to write it, I'd remove the full stop after "91 steps" and continue the sentence with "and the ...". I'd use the full stop after "365" as they did. I'd start the final sentence with "There's one for ...". Your version is correct but I don't have an issue with the original ending the...
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    flick me a message

    I should have made it clear that I didn't cross out "biatch" as a spelling error as such. I'm aware of the usage and the pronunciation, although I might expect to see it written as "bi-atch" or similar.
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    flick me a message

    As Rover said, don't expect good English on such sites. If you want to see how it should be written in correct English, see above.
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    these products are still pipeline

    The phrase is "still in the pipeline". If a product is still "in the pipeline", it usually means it's still only at the design/planning stage and that manufacture hasn't begun at all. That appears to be the case in that piece if you read the longer article. I don't know why the author used...
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    Wall Panelling

    Since the OP has not revisited this page since May 2021, we'll probably never know! However, for information, BrE would not use "fix the wall lights" in that way. That would mean only "repair" to me. If I was going to attach them to wall, I'd say "put the wall lights up".
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    Speaking lesson ideas/plans for teenage classes?

    Note my changes above. We encourage everyone, learners and teachers alike, to write full words and complete sentences on the forum. As a native speaker (and teacher), many learners on the forum will assume everything you write is correct so just make sure you review your posts before actually...
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    snicket (alley) (BrE)

    We use that too!
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    If it is something that I am interested in

    Exactly my point. Initially, I put commas around that crucial information because I looked at the "but" and immediately thought "Well, the comma should be after 'but', not before it" so I put it there and added a second comma after "interested in". It was only then that I read the entire...
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    when must I use "of" to link two nouns

    Where did you get that idea?
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    Wall Panelling

    You used "we we'll" twice. I don't know if you meant to write "We will" or if you accidentally added "we" before "we'll". When you say "fix the lights", do you mean "repair the lights" or "fix the lights to the wall"?
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    I can’t make it at 8

    And another one here!
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    Religion is not correct

    We can't answer that question without knowing whether you're saying as a Christian that you think there are some things wrong with Christianity, or if you're saying it as a non-Christian.
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    snicket (alley) (BrE)

    We use "snicket" in Sussex (south-east England).
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    If it is something that I am interested in

    Initially, I wrote exactly the same thing but when I removed the section between the commas, I wasn't happy with the result: I forget names and things easily but I remember it. My tendency is to put extra information between commas as long as the sentence outside the commas still makes sense.
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    In the moment/in the moments/in moment

    Given that I had, in the previous response, said that you should use "comforting", why did you use "comfortable" again in the next post (even quoting my response about using "comforting")?