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  1. Snowcake

    enquiry / inquiry / request

    As far as I know the main difference between enquiry and inquiry is that the first one is BrE whereas the latter is AmE. My question is a bit more detailed. I have an example which I am not certain about. Rental enquiry or rental request Which one is used more often in a subject heading of...
  2. Snowcake

    fully utilised (any synonyms?)

    I'd appreciate any comments on the sentence below relating to grammar and words. They fully utilisied the angled buildinglot, and created a building that perfectly fits the surroundings, yet sticks out. Thanks for any help.
  3. Snowcake

    the verb move in a figurative sense

    I would appreciate your advice on the following sentences. The sentences are taken from an advertisement for a company that rents vehicles. I was given this text for translation as part of my preparation for the exam. Thanks for your suggestions. Quality that moves. (An international network...
  4. Snowcake

    Is this a complete sentence?

    Is the following sentence (a slogan) complete or do I have to rephrase it? To make the journey as much fun as arriving!
  5. Snowcake

    Would someone please proofread my text

    I'm preparing for my exam and I am happy about any suggestions for my writing. Thank you! :-) At our company you can comfortably book your rental car online. We offer a wide range of high quality passenger vehicles and trucks to rent at one of our numerous branches. On our website you will...
  6. Snowcake

    A relaxed start to/into the weekend

    Which preposition is the correct one in this example? (Have / Enjoy) a relaxed start to / into the weekend.
  7. Snowcake

    Creepily cheap

    I'm searching for some wordplay regarding Halloween and a special price offer. My first idea was "creepily cheap" which is the word-for-word translation from German to English but I'm not sure if the expression conveys the intended meaning. I suppose it's rather negative and does not hit the...
  8. Snowcake

    Renting cars

    This offer is only valid for renting / hiring passenger cars ( it's not valid if you want to rent a truck e.g.) This offer is only valid for the rental of passenger cars. Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  9. Snowcake

    Exempt(ed) vs. except(ed)

    Which one is correct? Exempt(ed) (from this) are additional mileage, additional features and additional insurance. Excepted (from this) are additional mileage, additional features and additional insurance. Can I omit "from this" in this sentence? Thank you!
  10. Snowcake

    reimburse with

    ... in states where Medicaid reimburses nursing homes with average cost prospective payments. What does 'reimburse' mean in this sentence? Thanks for any help.
  11. Snowcake

    deplete to quality

    I have troubles understanding the highlighted part of the following sentence: Self-pay residents deplete their resources (or other coverage ends) to quality for Medicaid. Any help appreciated. :-)
  12. Snowcake

    cast my weight

    Hello everybody, I've tried to find an appropriate translation / meaning for 'cast' in connection with 'weight' but none of them doesn't make sense to me. It is taken from a song. Does anyone out there have an idea? Thank you.
  13. Snowcake

    vocabulary exam. certificates

    What do you call oral exams, written exams etc. if you need a term to list the different kinds of exams (oral, written etc.) that is not specific? Exam Performance?? Thank you!
  14. Snowcake

    final reminder

    Any help appreciated. Thank you. :-) We are writing once again in connection with the above-mentioned order. While we have been prompt in supplying the goods ordered, we have now been waiting for our statements to be settled for more than three months. Although you have already received...
  15. Snowcake

    enquiry / order

    Can anybody please proofread my letter? I would very much appreciate any suggestions / corrections. Thank you. Thank you for being so prompt in sending us some samples of your products as requested, and also for your detailed quotation. In the meantime, we have tested the samples, and...
  16. Snowcake


    Some sources say that 'consider' is usually followed by gerund, others say that 'to-infinitive is also possible. So all these explanations have left me puzzled. :-? Which one is correct, and why? I am seriously considering specializing in ... I am seriously considering to specialize in ...
  17. Snowcake

    a beautiful woman but a handsome man

    I am reading a book about words that can be confused with each other. Today I came accross a chapter which was rather confusing than clarifying. It's about the different ways to say how you like something. In the strictest sense, how to use beautiful, handsome, lovely etc. The gist of what...
  18. Snowcake

    'try to see it my way' - Idiom?

    Is there an idiom which can be used in the sense of 'try to see it my way'. Any suggestions appreciated. :-) Snowcake
  19. Snowcake


    I came across this problem in my private tutoring lessons today. I wanted my pupil to write down some sentences with the word whole. I know it is possible to say: the whole day the whole morning etc. However, what about this sentence? You were a whole hour in the garden. This sounds...
  20. Snowcake

    somewhere else / elsewhere

    We can go to England for holiday or somewhere else. We can go to England for holiday or elsewhere. Is there a difference or are these words interchangeable? Thanks. Snowcake