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  1. rewboss

    Help! I Can't See My Post!

    Sometimes, when you submit a post, it may seem to disappear. This may happen when you submit a post with a link in it. When this happens: Don't panic! Your post hasn't disappeared; it has simply been moderated. The board software has detected a link, but the board software isn't intelligent...
  2. rewboss

    Why you shouldn't rely on online translators

    These days, you can get an instant online translation of any text you please. Indeed, some people rely on them to translate their websites into different languages without going to the expense of getting a professional translator. But computers are machines, and machines cannot think. This...
  3. rewboss

    Word order and subtle changes of meaning.

    I gave one of my students the task of finding as many ways of connecting two sentences together in reverse chronological order. For example, given the sentences: Mary eats ice-cream. Mary is sick. his task was to write sentences like "Mary was sick after eating too much ice-cream" or "Mary was...
  4. rewboss


    For a bonus, can you explain why?