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    Hi there, What is the meaning of 'a few of' in this phrase 'all but a few of 50,000 students...'? Thanks pete
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    be scared of

    Hi there, What is the difference between 'be afraid of' and 'be scared of' in meaning in the following examples? 1. I am afraid of flying. 2. I am scared of flying. Thanks in advance. Pete
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    who is that?

    Hi there, I want to ask if the following coversation is correct? conversation 1 A: Hello? B: Hello. A: Is that Mary? B: No, who are you? conversation 2 A: This is our house. Come in. B: Who is it? A: It is my father. Dad, this is my friend. thanks a lot pete
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    enough and sufficient

    Hi there, Are 'enough' and sufficient mean the same? Are they interchangable? Thanks a lot Pete
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    Hi there, Mary: We will be getting married on January 2011. Cathy (Mary's colleague): Congratulations. Mary: Are you coming or not? It would be fun. Cathy: Sure. Questions 1. 'will be getting married' and 'are getting married' are the same? 2. Is 'Are you coming' meant a arranged action? Can...
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    Hi there, which one is better? 1. It is vital for you to show your dedication. 2. It is vital to show your dedication. thanks very much. pete
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    polite way

    Hi there, I cannot go to a wedding party because I might be out of town then. Besides, I don't know his other friends and relatives. How can I say politely that I may not go to his wedding party? thanks very much peter
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    'be going to' and present progressive

    Hi teachers, Please help if my explanations are correct or not. You're not wearing that skirt to school? (enquire about my arranged action) You're not wearing that skirt to school! (surprised about my arranged action) You're not going to wear that skirt to school? (enquire about my decided...
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    can / will

    Hi there, What is the difference between 'Will you shut the door, please?' and 'Can you shut the door, please?' Does 'Will you shut the door, please?' sound more like a command than ''Can you shut the door, please?'? tks pete
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    Hi there, The following script is extracted from a video. Hi, I'm Randall, and I just wanted to share with you three ideas on how to exercise better. Number one, choose something that you enjoy. If you like running, run. If you like lifting weights, do that as well. Why did the speaker use...
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    Hi there, I wish you had brought your wife with you to the party. I wish you could have brought your wife with you to the party. any difference? tks pete
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    Hi there, I am going to publish our website (to/onto/on) the Internet. Which one option is correct? tks pete
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    Hi there, Any problem with the following sentence? I will finish my assignment by tomorrow. tks pete
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    Hi there, What does it mean by 'drop-in'? We are holding both English and Cantonese drop-in programs. tks pete
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    Hi there, Please speak (slow/ slowly). tks pete
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    Hi there The symbolic offering of flowers is to remind us that just as the beautiful flowers would wither away after a short while, life is subject to decay and destruction _____ as the flowers. A. in similar manner B. in a similar manner Which one is correct? tks pete
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    Hi there, I don't know how to use 'partake' in a humourous way as stated in a dictionary. Could you help? old-fashioned or humorous to eat or drink Would you care to partake of a little wine with us? tks peter
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    hi there, please proofread: An official receipt will be dispatched to you once your payment is confirmed by the bank. tks pete
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    Hi there, please proofread: How is it possible for practitioners to attain buddhahood in present form or or present life? tks pete
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    Hi there, I read a sentence from a book about Buddhism. Is there any grammar term for the underlined phrase? What does the underlined phrase mean? If one believes this, then it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to eliminate suffering and its causes. tks pete