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    [Grammar] Causative LET

    Respected Teachers Please check the below notes of Causative Verb Let. [let + person/actor + 1st form of verb] Present Tenses Saeed lets me ride his bike. Saeed doesn’t let me ride his bike. Does Saeed let me ride his bike? Saeed is letting me ride his bike. Saeed is not letting me ride his...
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    [Grammar] Causative GET

    Respected Teachers These days I am learning causative verbs. The following are the notes of Causative Get. Please check them. [get + person/actor + to + 1st form of verb] Present Tenses I get my friend to print notes. I don’t get my friend to print notes. Do I get my friend to print notes? He...
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    [Grammar] Causative MAKE

    Good Day! Respected Teachers recently I am trying to learn Causative Verbs. In this regard, I tried to prepare some notes of Make. Please check these sentences and make corrections. Thank you. [make + person/actor + 1st form of verb] Indefinite Tenses Gull makes Khan repair his laptop. Gull...
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    [Grammar] Causative Have

    Are these sentences correct? Have you have your door painted? Had you have your door painted? Thank you very much
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    [Grammar] Modals of Possibilities

    I read lots of notes and watched videos about May, Might & Could for possibility, but I am still confused them. When will we use May, Might & Could for possibility? Alex may be in his office. Alex could be in his office. Alex might be in his office.
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    [General] Could or Be Able To

    Good Day For past ability, if I want to construct interrogative sentences which modal I should use. Were you able to walk 5 km a day when you were young? or Could you walk 5 km a day when you were young? Thank you.
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    [General] Would have + past participle

    Are these sentences natural? 1, He would have come if he would have to. 2, If he wanted to come he would have come. Thank you.
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    [Grammar] Recommedation for or Recommendation of

    I have to prepare a recommendation letter for one of my employee. Which is the correct subject line in the following two? 1 Subject: Recommendation for Mr. ........ or 2 Subject: Recommendation of Mr. ....... Thank you very much
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    [Grammar] What Has Done Is Done

    What has done is done. What is done has done. Which one is a complete sentence? With Kind Regards
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    [Grammar] As or Like

    Is this sentence natural? This application is trying to act as server.
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    [General] Gratitude

    Respected Teachers I am very grateful to all teachers who spare precious time from their busy lives and give answers to our questions. Now I can do accurate email communication with our foreign customers, read English with more confidence and have brought improvements in my listening too. Thank...
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    [Grammar] As if

    How to convert these sentences into past tense? He plays as if he were a professional. You look as if you knew the knew the secret.
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    [General] look like

    Which sentence is natural? 1, He doesn’t look like pass the exams. 2, He doesn't look like to pass the exams. Thank you.
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    [Grammar] Can't believe

    England are already 1-0 up, and a win today will hand them the series. Can't believe this contest is more than halfway through already. Explain the red coloured sentence of this paragraph. There is no Noun or pronoun before Can't believe, which creates difficulty to understand the sentence...
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    [General] Couldn't be happier

    Please try to help me. Couldn't be happier As may, might, can & could etc. belong to the family or group of "Modals" in grammar. Everyone learn the whole set of "modals" in order to learn the correct uses of will, would etc. Similarly what topic I should study in grammar to know about all...
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    [General] Interpretation of an Email

    Respected Teachers I am really sorry asking again & again about this problem. It is not clear to me yet. The green coloured portion of the email explains that our customer was happy with our provided workers/laborers, cool, I got it. But what is meant by the red coloured portion of this email...
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    [General] How's it going?

    Someone asked me, "How's it going, Jadoon?" Does this mean same as "what's up, How are you, what's going on"?
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    [General] Interpretation of an email

    Our company has provided laborers/workers to an American customer in a contract. Our customer wrote me an email, the following portion of the email is too difficult to understand. Please explain. Thank You. "We finally got the right mixture of workers here and couldn't be happier with the...
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    [General] Please explain me this email

    Please explain me the below email from our customer. He put us in CC-line while inquiring from our clients. Mr. ........ According to the documents I have 4-2 BDE is supposed to be the primary COR. According to what SFC Saylor and LT May left I am not to be nominated as COR for this Contract...
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    [Grammar] How long you have had it?

    Please explain these sentences. How long you have had it? Here pronoun "you" is before the helping verb "have". How has your day been? Here pronoun "your" is after the helping verb "has". with kind regards