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    these products are still pipeline

    Q: How do these new agreements for Pfizer and Merck's pills compare? A: This went very fast and it’s very important that the pool is able to negotiate these licenses while these products are still pipeline. You don’t know at that point whether a product indeed will become very important. You...
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    a synthetic resistant spike protein

    Omicron Neutralization after the Third Vaccine Dose Neutralization assays of SARS-CoV-2 pseudoviruses expressing wild-type, omicron, or a synthetic resistant spike protein in plasma drawn from 47 people over time showed much lower omicron neutralization than Wuhan-hu-1 neutralization after two...
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    Escape from recognition of SARS-CoV-2 Beta variant spike epitopes

    Escape from recognition of SARS-CoV-2 Beta variant spike epitopes but overall preservation of T cell immunity SARS-CoV-2 variants have emerged that escape neutralization and potentially impact vaccine efficacy. T cell responses play a role in protection from reinfection and severe disease, but...
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    White cracked

    “Now that I do know” what Facebook is, “I have to say it sounds like a huge waste of time,” White cracked. “I would never say that people on it are losers, but that’s only because I’m polite.” Source: HuffPost Does "crack" here simply mean "chat"? It seems to mean more. I am not sure.
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    MPP encourages Big Pharmas to voluntarily cut deals that allow generic manufacturers to produce and sell a company’s drugs or vaccines at steep discou

    Each of the treatments, Pfizer’s combination of a new antiviral, nirmatrelvir, with an old one, and Merck’s molnupiravir, require 5 days of pills, which the U.S. government has purchased for $530 and $712 per treatment course, respectively. That’s far too expensive for much of the world, but...
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    where does that leave us?

    Two years of covid-19: What we’ve learned during the pandemic so far It's now been two years since Chinese authorities first informed the World Health Organization about an unknown virus in Wuhan. How has our understanding of the virus changed since then and where does that leave us? Source...
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    surprised him the most

    Editor-in-chief of The Lancet Richard Horton looks back at the "year of vaccines", discusses what surprised him the most about 2021, and talks about where the pandemic might go from here. Source: The Lancet. What's the definition for the "most" here? Does it mean "to the...
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    launching a new era in/for astronomy

    I practiced reciting or speaking out what I've read mimutes ago. Here's one: Webb Telescope blasts off successfully, launching a new era for astronomy. But the actual title is: Webb telescope blasts off successfully — launching a new era in astronomy (Source: Nature) The two have two minor...
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    an old wives’ tale of a pill the colour of milk but in every way its opposite

    The midwife bringing an oval pill to suppress the production of breastmilk. It tasted bitter, medieval, an old wives’ tale of a pill the colour of milk but in every way its opposite, and most of all so dry—dry enough to desiccate all the milk of those gentle hours that would have been ours...
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    What memories remain are rounded and smooth

    I felt the encroaching noise and cold as the tender pulling away of something essential—something like oxygen, or shelter, or the glow of some warmth that had held us until now. Perhaps this feeling came from deep inside me, from something in the death of a baby in its mother's arms that...
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    I could not place them

    Two women in scrubs stopped at the door and came into the room to admire our son, never mind his being dead. They appeared to know me and, although I could not place them, I was glad of the admiration. I wanted more people to come and see him. Anyone. Source: The Lancet Does "I could not place...
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    Our middle child was 72 minutes old

    Our middle child was 72 minutes old when the midwife listened for his heartbeat and heard no sound. His peaceful death was the long-anticipated conclusion of a pregnancy fraught with inconclusive scans and tests, and eventually a diagnosis of anhydramnios that put all ambiguity to an end. With...
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    I am into justice

    Otto earnt her PhD in the philosophy of science before turning to physics, and eventually to climate science. Like many researchers, she is sincerely worried about the impacts of climate change. “I’m into justice,” she says. “And climate change is one of the biggest threats to justice.” Source...
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    Pull a Smollett

    See the pic above. It is titled Pull-a-Smollett with content "Ruin reputations, divide people and generate resentment at the cost of your own life and career". I guess the title means "act mischievously". I am not sure - what does that mean?
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    The most ringing song is The East Is Red.

    Here's what I found in a Chinese website that sells old Chinese textbooks. The picture shows a page from a middle school English textbook used in Hebei Province during the Cultural Revolution. Lesson One Our Great Leader Mao Tsetung The most ringing song is The East Is Red. The greatest...
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    several groups that support minority researchers in AI ended sponsorship agreements with Google

    Almost 7,000 researchers and engineers, including more than 2,600 from Google, signed a petition in December 2020 calling for an overhaul of the company’s research integrity. In February, the firm fired Gebru’s colleague Mitchell after she searched for incidents of discrimination against Gebru...
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    the most sweeping, and also the most granular, portrait

    The Times did what military officials admit they have not done: analyzed the casualty assessments in aggregate to discern patterns of failed intelligence, decision-making and execution. It also visited more than 100 casualty sites and interviewed scores of surviving residents and current and...
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    When a woman is coding in this situation

    A uterus at the umbilicus means that the woman is probably carrying a previable fetus at approximately 20 weeks’ gestation. When a woman is coding in this situation, it’s recommended that the fetus be delivered. Delivery is recommended not to save the fetus, but to reduce the shunting of...
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    do so on the United States terms

    Because Bush was bent on confrontation with Iran, he missed a historic opportunity to mend relations in the early part of the decade and to do so on the United States terms. Source: The Untold Story of the United States (p537) Does "do so on the United States terms" mean "do so in a way that...
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    "Japan-bashing" (in the case of foreigners) or "self-flagellation"

    In 21st century Japan, the Nanjing Massacre touches upon national identity and notions of "pride, honor and shame". Yoshida argues that "Nanking crystallizes a much larger conflict over what should constitute the ideal perception of the nation: Japan, as a nation, acknowledges its past and...