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    Is it grammatically acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition.

    Please help settle an arguement. Preposition at the end of a sentence: OK or not.
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    Bread and meat are uncountable - why?

    Hi, Does anyone have any tips on explaining why bread, fruit and meat etc. are uncountable. Apples are easy to explain as uncountable as is sugar as uncountable but my students are not entirely convinced about meat because you can count two steaks etc. Thanks Jamie
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    Why not "go to home"?

    A common error the (Thai) students in my school make is "I go to home". There was a discussion in our teachers room today about explaining this but none of us could come up with a reason why this is incorrect. You can go to school, go to church etc but you can't go to home. We know it's wrong...
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    Answering questions in writing.

    Hi, I'm trying to answer questions in the "Ask a Teacher" forum to help develop myself as a new teacher. I've seen several questions that I think I could deal with verbally or otherwise in a classroom but I can't think how to write an answer clearly and concisely that will be easy for the...
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    Self development

    I'm about to start my first EFL job after doing a CELTA course. While I was browsing for EFL sites I found this forum. Looking at the Ask A Teacher forum has only served to show me how little I know, and it's scary. While I know I'll learn a lot from there, what's the best way for a new...