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  1. banderas

    [Idiom] get slashed

    Can someone explain to me what "get slashed" means? Many thanks
  2. banderas

    [Idiom] Broken things

    Hello, If something (like a mobile phone, or anything else) stops working or breaks down (like a car, a watch, or anything else) without any rational reason, we say, in my native leanguage, that material things can be nasty to you as they are not alive and cannot be rational. The way I...
  3. banderas

    Earlier vs. before

    Are they always interchangeable? When are they not?
  4. banderas

    table ready?

    I and my workmate are rearranging tables and chairs in a function room the way they used to be earlier. I do not remember the setup so he is moving the tables and when he is done with that I ambringinh the chaires to them. I am not sure if one of those table is now exactly where it should be so...
  5. banderas

    Leave or go?

    I am picking my wife up work and we are going to the cinemas. What do I say when I arrive? A: Are we going? Or B: are you ready to go? or C: are we leaving? or D: are you ready to leave?
  6. banderas

    Want To

    Hello, I sometimes hear sentences like "you can do it if you want" and sometimes "....if you want TO". What is the function of "to" in this context and why we sometimes add it and sometimes omit it? Thanks for explaining it if you want to do so.
  7. banderas

    Progress and the opposite to it

    What is the opposite to making progress with a language? I made progress with my English. My English went backwards or I went backwards with my English as I have not used it for long. Are these sentences correct to you?
  8. banderas

    [Idiom] Ladder

    "Once he started at Paramount in 1967, he moved rapidly up the corporate ladder." Can I also say clim the ladder or go up the ladder instead of move up in this context? Thank you.
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    Hi, is schmuck" commonly used in the UK? I heard it in a film. It went like "He is such a schmuck". Thanks!
  10. banderas

    [Idiom] Mistakes Idiom

    Hi, Do you say: "making mistakes is human" or "making mistakes i part of being human"? Or is there any other natural way of expressing this?
  11. banderas

    Vase in the USA

    Where (in what region of the USA is vase pronounced and where? Can hear some American say either, so my confusion.
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    What do you call a man with a spade on his head? -Doud Can you explain to me the background and meaniong of this joke. I did google it but with no success.
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    good stuff

    Someone tells me something and I say "that's good stuff". Does that mean "good information"?
  14. banderas

    propel or other word

    Hello, I am loking for a word you would use in the following context: Talking to you take action and change the situation. Is it propeled me? Or incentivised me? Or encouraged me?
  15. banderas

    [Idiom] work one's way through

    Hi, does work one's way through mean "make one's way through"? If not please explain the subtlety of their use.
  16. banderas

    I'm going to be singing

    Is it ok to say: I'm going to be singing? What's the difference between I'm going to be singing and I will be singing?
  17. banderas

    [Idiom] Gob-smacked

    Is gob-smacked commonly used in the UK?
  18. banderas

    Here is the deal

    Hello, how would you put "here is the deal" in other words? What does it mean in a context like: "Here is the deal: I accept my mistake. I apologize for my reaction, especially since it was misinterpreted so widely to be directed at fans. I appreciate and am very grateful for the fact that...
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    Dear Teachers, I finally got my IT acreditation and would like start gaining some work experience at a charity organization. I wrote a cover letter and would like you to give me your opinion aboout it. if you find some akward or unnaturall sentences, please do tell me. My name is XXX and I...
  20. banderas

    [Idiom] A fast as staying away from sex

    In my native language we say that women who are single for too long may get very nasty to others as a consequence. Does "you have been fastting too long" work in a metaphorical sense? Or there is a different expression?