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  1. engee30

    [Grammar] the appropriate present tense to pick

    Good day to everyone :-D It's been a while since my last post here, but I've been extremely busy with something else, something not concerning the English language. Still, I need your help as regards the following sentence (CPE level task): Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate...
  2. engee30

    [Grammar] Which is the subject?

    Is who the subject of the question below? I've just found out it isn't :cry: Who is she? :?:
  3. engee30

    subject-verb agreement of proper noun

    Hello there. Once again I got into a quarrel with someone over whether it is possible to use a plural verb if the subject of the sentence is a proper noun in the singular form. This is the trouble sentence: (Microsoft) Word have had quite an impact on me. (as the application and all its...
  4. engee30

    is being been

    What is this construction? ...The family of a Cumbrian human rights worker who is being been held in Angola on suspicion of espionage hope she may soon be allowed to return home... ...Windows XP is being been seen as a pivotal part of the software empire's strategy to expand its influence over...
  5. engee30


    Hello everyone again. Let me provide you with three sentences that make me a bit confused about; here they are: There aren't going to be many students who pass the exam. There aren't going to be many students passing the exam. There aren't going to be many students to pass the exam. To my...
  6. engee30

    Participle clauses

    Hello everybody! Every once in a while, I come across something that I can't get hold of. This time it's all about a participle clause with adverbial meaning. This is the sentence in question: Her mother, having been an attentive person, spotted this at once. or Having been an attentive...
  7. engee30

    more and more

    Do I always have to apply the continuous form of a verb, using the phrase more and more? More and more people are taking to their bikes as an alternative to driving or using public transport. Life was becoming more and more difficult. :-|
  8. engee30

    gift of/for

    How to distinguish the difference (if there is any) between 'gift of (doing) something' and 'gift for (doing) something'? For example: She has an exceptional gift of (or maybe still better, for) interpreting dreams.
  9. engee30

    schwa or not

    Is the sound [3:] a schwa as in 'surf' [s3:f]?
  10. engee30

    as writer etc., without gun etc.

    Is it correct to say or write like this (without the article 'a'): He started his career as writer in 1975. The man robbed the bank without gun. If it is all right, then, is there any rule I should follow?
  11. engee30

    not that much to things

    How can I interpret the words in the second sentence of the extract below: Why do you have to know so much about things, Jessie? There's not that much to things that I could ever see. Should I think like this, I can't explain everything to you because there are a lot of things I don't...
  12. engee30

    only (a) little; only (a) few

    I still don't know exactly which of the following phrases is correct, or maybe they're all correct. If so, what's the difference between them, if any? :?: only a little only little only a few only few
  13. engee30

    until + future forms

    Could you please tell me whether any of the following sentences is correct? 1) Tim's already 18 and that it's only a few months UNTIL he WILL BE LEAVING home for school. 2) Tim's already 18 and that it's only a few months UNTIL he WILL LEAVE home for school. 3) Tim's already 18 and that it's...
  14. engee30

    where to put the verb in indirect question

    Hiya there, I'm a bit concerned about one thing - is it all right if I use this sentence pattern: Do you know what is the longest river in the world? I'd like you to tell me what are your problems concerning this issue. Or maybe, I should write in this way: Do you know what the longest river in...
  15. engee30

    passive voice, by + agent

    Hello everybody, Ever since I had an encounter with the passive voice, I've been having a problem with the agent followed by the preposition by. Is there any rule for the position of the agent in the passive voice sentence? Where should it be put to be sure of its correct position? My father...
  16. engee30

    yesterday/today ... saw/witnessed etc.

    Dear teachers, The other day, I came across such an unusual sentence (unusual for my mother tongue), Yesterday saw three disasters. The question is whether such a sentence is correct; if so, is it possible to use other verbs with the words yesterday and today being the subject of such sentences?
  17. engee30

    first time I have done sth

    Hello there, I'd like somebody to enlighten me: This is the first time I have eaten snails. - I know that we use the Present Perfect Simple tense in such patterns. But what happens if I write something like this: This will be the first time I... a) will have eaten snails. or b) have eaten...
  18. engee30

    sequence of tenses

    Dear teachers, I'm a bit confused about when to use the sequence of tenses. I'll try to explain my problem in the context of two situations. 1. I am in London. I meet a friend of mine there. I say: a. I didn't know you were in London. But would it be all right if I said something like this: b...
  19. engee30

    better/best vs. worse/worst

    Hullo, I know that if I want to express my 'positive' preference I can say like this: A: Which book did you like better? (there are two books in context) B: The one dealing with the history of art. A: Which American writer do you like best? (there are more than two writers in context) B: I...
  20. engee30

    since when...?

    Hi there, I can't work it out - is it possible to ask a question like this? 1. Since when have you lived here? I have lived here since my birth. I know that I could say: 2. How long have you lived here? I have lived here for 30 years. But is it correct if I answer the question like...