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    [Grammar] cause of..." died of and died from"

    Maybe this bit of print screen?
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    [Answered] waht's the past form of born?

    Yes, it can be a little confusing - this is what Cambridge says in its First Edition:
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    [Grammar] the appropriate present tense to pick

    Good day to everyone :-D It's been a while since my last post here, but I've been extremely busy with something else, something not concerning the English language. Still, I need your help as regards the following sentence (CPE level task): Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate...
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    Passive voice vs Simple Past

    Check this out: Teachers say different things sometimes.
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    [Grammar] Which one is correct?

    Exclusively is too strong a word to refer to the verb sit as being intransitive.
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    be to infinitive

    Are you checking on me? That Oxford® Dictionary of mine cannot be wrong as for the form of the verb be in that meaning, for, as you pointed this out, they are good at English in Oxford. Check it out, mate.
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    [Grammar] Present Perfect tenses

    Just two scans of what you've been awaiting so curiously :roll:
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    tag questions

    OALD 1995 Just a bit...
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    [Grammar] Which is the subject?

    Is who the subject of the question below? I've just found out it isn't :cry: Who is she? :?:
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    questions about 'since'

    I hope this solves your problem. Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use (Editions 1 and 2) :-)
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    .... one's forehead

    This is how I see it looking at the word (a)round used with a body part:
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    When to use has had/ have had

    No, that was only a piece of the whole page, but the piece provided deals with the issue in question. Here's the whole page:
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    When to use has had/ have had

    That's strange - I don't get any message popped up like that. Here's the right attachment: ;-)
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    When to use has had/ have had

    Well, in this case it's not about the operations not finished at the time of speaking, but it's mainly about the time during which such operations may occur. Obviously, the importance or relevance of an event to the speaker is another thing to mention. Yes, I've read about the issue in one of...
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    subject-verb agreement of proper noun

    Hello there. Once again I got into a quarrel with someone over whether it is possible to use a plural verb if the subject of the sentence is a proper noun in the singular form. This is the trouble sentence: (Microsoft) Word have had quite an impact on me. (as the application and all its...
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    is being been

    What is this construction? ...The family of a Cumbrian human rights worker who is being been held in Angola on suspicion of espionage hope she may soon be allowed to return home... ...Windows XP is being been seen as a pivotal part of the software empire's strategy to expand its influence over...
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    Hello everyone again. Let me provide you with three sentences that make me a bit confused about; here they are: There aren't going to be many students who pass the exam. There aren't going to be many students passing the exam. There aren't going to be many students to pass the exam. To my...
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    Participle clauses

    Hello everybody! Every once in a while, I come across something that I can't get hold of. This time it's all about a participle clause with adverbial meaning. This is the sentence in question: Her mother, having been an attentive person, spotted this at once. or Having been an attentive...
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    Since the discussion seems to be over, I've taken the liberty of providing the two people involved in this dispute with a material concerning the issue: by Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use, 2005 :-)