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    the meaning of (rock-'n-roll)

    The Tempest Spills out of the Teapot I have learned this lesson yesterday. What is the meaning of (rock-'n-roll)
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    Simple Present Tense

    1) Peter abandons his family whenever he quarrels with his wife. 2) The huge talent in treating with the computers qualifies Tom for getting a respectful job. 3) Jimmy conceals his books whenever his relative children visit him in order not to tear them. 4) The maid shrieks terribly whenever...
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    The clever hen

    The clever hen A hen had got single wheat then wanted to eat but it said "I want to sow this one to give a lot of wheat." After it planted and started to hose it well, the one wheat grew seven spikes or ears. The hen collected all the wheat then cleaned, ground, kneaded then baked. It also...
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    Simple present

    1) Bobby inspects his car carefully when it doesn't work or have jerks. 2) Helen advises her sisters to avoid dogs as much as possible for they bite. 3) Andy jogs around the truck for 30 minutes during his practice list. 4) The naughty girl jumbles her clothes up when she is in hurry. 5) Peter...
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    23) The idiot man

    23) The idiot man A man had been steering ahead him ten donkeys. So when he rides one of them and recounts them he got them nine donkeys. And when he got down one of them he got them ten, because he didn’t count the one that he was riding. The man said, “I will not ride any of them anymore...
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    Simple Past (Sentences)

    Active Voice: Roy reported to the police that his truck was stolen. Passive Voice: The police was reported by Roy that his truck was stolen. Gerund type: Roy’s reporting to the police that his truck was stolen was a good idea. Active Voice: Mondy and Helen quarreled over a beautiful book that...
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    22) The greedy boy

    22) The greedy boy One day, Hishaam entered their kitchen then he got a box of almonds which its gap was narrow. He entered his hand through the gap and filled his hand with almond. When he was trying to go out his hand from the box he couldn’t, because his hand became big with the almonds...
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    21) My horse

    21) My horse My horse is the prettiest animal. It has a saddle, riding and bridle with rein. Stop a little in order to get up you then walk with me in safe way. Today I am a little and tomorrow you will know state. You will see me as a knight with my weapon in fierce war. Being a hero and...
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    20) On the beach

    20) On the beach A mother took her son to the beach. He sat down in order to play with the sands and to build houses from the pebbles. He then requested from his mother to swim. He took off his clothes then swam in the sea. His mother asked him when he emerged out “How did you get the sea?” He...
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    19) The generous student

    19) The generous student The math’s teacher asked a polite and clever student a question. He said: “divide nine apples between you and your brother”. The student: “five apples for my brother and four for me”. The teacher: “why you didn’t take five for yourself and let four for your brother...
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    18) Expensive than gold

    18) Expensive than gold I had been having a nightingale which has a long beautiful tail. I put it in my room in a gold cage. It had been singing everyday with delightful song. I wasn’t refusing it from food or drink. It escape from me without any reason, and said to me “my freedom isn’t sold...
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    16) Student’s invocation

    16) Student’s invocation My God who raised the heavens. I am wishing you. Save my religion from the temptation distresses. Strengthen me during study time with hardworking and intelligent. Save my father and mother and all my friends. Grant my country a glory and high. Oh! Wealthy, accept my pray.
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    Simple Future (Sentences)

    1) Uncle Willy will wear a green necktie before he goes to his job. 2) Tom will cut the wood with a saw because he needs it necessarily. 3) Ahmed will slip and fall over the mud if he runs near it. 4) After he gives his friend an invitation, Tom will visit him tomorrow evening. 5) Tom will run...
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    Future Continuous (Sentences)

    1) When you eat something tasting awful you will be spitting it out. 2) When you spray water on the plants it will be growing well. 3) When John sweeps the leaves from his garden it will be beautiful. 4) When the Anti-virus program spots a virus on my computer it will be deleting it. 5) By the...
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    15) The pigeon and the ant

    15) The pigeon and the ant An ant fell in a water pool. After that a pigeon passed at it and felt a pity for it. It extended a wood for it, and then the ant went it up and got away for the death. In the next day, the pigeon was standing on a tree. A hunter having a gun approached it. The ant...
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    Present perfect continous (Sentences)

    1) Garbage trucks have been dumping the rubbish in a heap. 2) People have been drilling and preparing the walls to hang up curtains. 3) The giant person has been ducking his head to get through the door. 4) I have been mounting my bicycle when I want to pedal and steer it. 5) Soldiers have been...
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    13) Sarah - 14) Ahmed is in the garden

    13) Sarah Sarah is a polite girl. She helps her family with her works. She spends her leisure time to breed her pets. She has three chickens and four rabbits. She breeds the chickens in the morning, and fetches the rabbits some grass. Right now, the chickens are picking up the cereal, while the...
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    Biography (1)

    My name is Hassan and I am 22 years old. I live in Saudi Arabia, the country that I was born. I finished secondary school then I canceled going to college. Right now I study at home by my father and Using English website which improving my English skills. My father is a translator in a common...
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    Past continuous (Active)

    1) I was sleeping on my bed when my cat stepped on my stomach. 2) I was pressing the operation button of my computer last night to turn it on. 3) An elephant was pulling a tree out of the forest. 4) Ahmed was panting after he won the running race. 5) The fans were yelling on the magician after...
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    Present continuous (Active)

    1) Jimmy is lifting a full cartoon of toys up the upstairs after nobody bought them. 2) Kathy is posting a letter to her brother after he reached France. 3) A cat is pouncing on a horrible rat while it is running near the garbage. 4) Jane is piling up a sand to make a sandcastle at the beach...