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  1. 2010

    [Grammar] Preposition

    Hello, Could this sentence be possibly incorrect. If so how? "He was late by five minutes."
  2. 2010

    [Grammar] Interaction & Conversation difference

    Hello can someone tell me the difference between interaction and conversation?
  3. 2010

    [Grammar] Help needed with a sentence please

    "I have the appointment fixed for tomorrow" Is the above sentence correct? I am not sure if it can be "fixed for tomorrow"
  4. 2010

    [Grammar] article usage

    "He has not shown an improvement at all..." "He has not shown improvement at all..." I am sure the first sentence is incorrect and the second is correct. Please tell me if my explanation is as well right - Improvement is an adverb in this context, and adverbs are not countable as it...
  5. 2010

    [Grammar] I am & Am

    Hello, What is the difference between "I am" & "Am?" I mean, when do we use "I am" & "Am?" Please help.
  6. 2010

    [Grammar] Punctuation

    Is it one space or two space after a period. I tried to find some info on this on the internet but very confusing. Any help please.
  7. 2010

    [Grammar] went by

    Is it correct saying - He went by, just now.
  8. 2010

    [General] Language

    I am listening to a sales call. The sales rep tries to make too many sales on the same call, that is, trying to sell too many products other than what the customer had asked for. This in turn triggers customer dis-satisfaction. So, my question is - can I say Reason for customer...
  9. 2010

    [General] sentence usage

    When I need someone's assistance in getting a job done, can I use this sentence at the end of the email? "Need your intervention on this subject." Thank you, Titus Andrews
  10. 2010

    [Grammar] Present and past perfect

    I have not included the names of the agents who have left the company. I have not included the names of the agents who had left the company. Can I use "had" in the above context? If yes, please explain. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you,2010
  11. 2010

    Passage correction

    Could someone help me correct any errors in the below passage. Thank you, 2010 Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry. Having this in their hearts, each one of them have contributed to the success of the program in this...
  12. 2010

    [Vocabulary] good singer - vocabulary

    I am looking for the right word to use in the below sentence. Please help... “ She _______ her voice into singing” Or something similar to it. I want to send an appreciation to this female.
  13. 2010

    [Grammar] go ahead

    Hello All, Please help me with this sentence. I will go ahead and process the refund. I will go ahead and take care of the issue. I know that the usage of "go ahead" is wrong in the above sentence. Could someone help me explain it technically. Thank you 2010
  14. 2010

    [General] Word Usage - decks

    I am using this sentence in my resume. I am kind of confused at the usage of the word "decks" My understanding about decks is - a group of presentation related to different areas in a process. Sentence: "Prepare and present weekly process/operational decks to the client"
  15. 2010

    [Grammar] Parts of speech

    He was only a yard off me – what part of speech is off? My answer: perposition The after-effects of the drug are bad. - What part of speech is after? My answer: noun Sit down and rest a while. - What part of speech is while? My answer: perposition After the storm comes the calm. What part of...
  16. 2010

    [General] Sentence structure

    Please help me with this sentence. I am fine. How about you? I am fine. How are you? Is asking "how about you" unprofessional?
  17. 2010

    [Grammar] Sentence structure

    Please help me with these sentences. I can’t figure out what is wrong with these sentences. If you help me diagram these sentences that would be of a great help! “Your call has improved a lot than before." - What is wrong with this sentence? “Adding pleases to your sentences will sound as a...
  18. 2010

    [Vocabulary] Difference between polite and pleasing

    Hello All, Could you please tell me is it good to be pleasing than just being polite espeically as a customer support exceutive. Thank you
  19. 2010

    [General] Digramming sentences

    Only a couple of things that you need to pay extra attention to. There is only a couple of things that you need to pay extra attention to. Please help me differentiate the above two sentences. If possible, please help me diagram them. Thanks for your help!
  20. 2010

    [General] what or which

    Which color do you like? What color do you like? Please tell me which one if correct. I guess we can use both, but I don't know how to explain the difference between them.