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    Op-ed page

    Could you tell me what the full name for "op-ed" page is ? Thank you, teachers.
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    Pronunciation of place names in California, USA

    Martinez Pacheco Contra Costa By the way, is there any online pronunciation dictionary that I could seek help from? Thank you so much.:-D
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    UK Grammar vs USA Grammar

    Dear Teachers and forum members, The list is not exhaustive. You're welcome to make the contribution. Let me kick it off first:-D: 1. 26/12/2009(UK)/12/26/2009(USA) 2. 26th December(UK)/December 26th 3. One hundred and fifty(UK)/One hundre fifty(USA) 4. in the street/avenue(UK)/on the...
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    Slot-in student?

    May I ask what is the proper name for a student who is not promoted to an upper grade but inserted into it after the class has started for a long time. Is it called a slot-in student? Thanks a lot.
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    No matter what

    "No mater what you say, I won't believe you.":tick: Why is the following sentence ungrammatical? "I'll eat no matter what you give me.":cross: Thanks for advice.
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    Another problem with the use of "interfere"

    We can say "He interfered with me" or "He interfered with my work". However, why can't we use "with' instead of "in" in the following sentence: "I wish you would not interfere in my busenss"? Thanks.
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    All about "heavy"

    I understand the meanings of "heavy rain, heavy snow, heavy fog, heavy frost, heavy smoke, heavy fire, heavy cold, heavy traffic, heavy sleep, heavy smoker/drinker". But I dont understand what "heavy reading" is? Can anybody tell me about that? Thanks.
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    A Gentleman by John Henry Newman

    What do the words underlined mean? "The true gentleman in like manner carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast;- all clashing of opinion, or collision of feeling, all restraint, or suspicion, or gloom, or resentment; his great concern being...
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    Student chaperones

    What is it called when some parent volunteers escorting school students with teachers to public contests, say drama or speech contest? "Student chaperones", "Student escorts" or what? Thank you for helping.
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    Committed to

    Are the following sentences acceptable grammatically? American is committed to continuing working with the families toward settlement. American is committed to continue to work with the families toward settlement. Thanks for helping.
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    Still a while

    "Legal formalities were continuing and the matter was still a while from court, he said." May I ask what "the matter was still a while" means?
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    How to say something?

    May I ask how to point out a grammar mistake of my superior/friend's writing without offending her/him?
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    Susceptible to and vulnerable to

    Can I say susceptible to injury and vulnerable to pain instead of susceptible to pain and vulnerable to injury? Could you tell me in what ways the two adjectives are used? Thank you teachers.
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    Half-general phrase in the use of articles

    I would be appreciate it if you could tell me what the meaning of "half-general" phrase is in the following example, so that the definite article is not used in front of these kinds of words: "(The) Modern children have been indulged in playing (the) online computer games these days. A...
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    What is the difference?

    What is the difference between nausea and vomiting? It seems to me that they are the same thing, aren't they? Thanks for help.
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    Use of prepositions

    Dear teachers, Is this sentence correct? "Mr A plays his role to/in/for the best interests of Mr B." Thank you.
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    Something about Consecutive Interpretation

    Could any interpretation experts tell me what the "superposition" technique" in note-taking is? How to do that? Thank you for advice.
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    Circular strides

    What does this mean, please? "Walk with smooth, circular strides." Thank you for helping.
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    The cinema

    I hit upon the following passage on the net, giving the reason for using the definite article before "cinema" though first mentioned. Could you elaborate further on the underlined expression? "Why do we say 'the' cinema even though it's the first time we have mentioned cinema? In fact in this...
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    Grammatical or not?

    Is the following sentence grammatical correct? "As spoken with your staff this morning, I forward this....." Thanks for advice.