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    Is 'board pen' a British word?

    'Whiteboard pens' is common.
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    "Acting like a dog on a leash.."

    For a start, it's not a sentence. In that case, say "A public representative was acting like a little dog on a leash on a sunny Sunday stroll with a shiny collar wrapped around its neck" (though it's hard to envisage that scenario).
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    when must I use "of" to link two nouns

    Also: Our hotel is only a stone's throw from the beach but an hour's bus ride from the zoo. Edmond Halley predicted the comet's return in 76 years. Tomorrow's weather looks like being much better than today's. The shop's opening hours are 7am to 11pm. ... plus countless others. The so-called...
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    "sport" meaning

    In that case, it's just a meaningless filler nickname – like pal/buddy/dude/fella/chum/matey.
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    "sport" meaning

    It's an amiable nickname between friends, and should have a capital letter.
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    flick me a message

    It's non-standard English, but I can guess what she means. Don't expect to read standard, correct English on dating sites or other social media platforms.
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    snicket (alley) (BrE)

    I've never heard it used in Lancashire (a county adjoining Yorkshire). We call it a ginnel here.
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    Wall Panelling

    What do you mean by 'chase the wall'?
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    Eat Meal instead of have lunch

    They're all incorrect. Delete 'meal' from most of them. These are natural: Let's have breakfast, lunch and dinner together today. Let's eat lunch together. Let's have a meal together.
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    Eat Meal instead of have lunch

    These are natural: Let's have lunch at 12. Let's eat at 12.
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    "Then, yes

    I'd write "If I'm alone, then yes".
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    I have just been there.

    This context should have been given in post #1.
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    2.25 kilos

    It's a mathematical convention.
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    Pandemic/my family

    In that sentence, 'the' is is not optional, but 'my' is. We assume you mean your own family unless you tell us otherwise.
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    Religion is not correct

    No. Religion –like politics – is too broad a concept to be labelled correct or incorrect.
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    He does music.

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    What does "Cambridge bound" mean?

    You missed out the important hyphen here and in your thread title.
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    I have just been there.

    What's being tested? Who set the test?
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    Let’s make it (on) Sunday.

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    In costume

    Other similar set phrases are in uniform/in drag/in disguise etc.