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    I don't have any place to go.

    It's not wrong, but not compulsory.
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    If I had my bike

    I would use the first too, with the comma.
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    May my son eat one of those sweets?

    Or could.
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    Today I ditched the butter bar

    Obvious, when someone tells you. :unsure:
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    At 19, Ali borrowed a book that changed his life forever.

    In BrE, we happily use plural verbs with collective nouns, so the sentence is fine to us. You can use the singular too, but the plural seems to be winning.
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    Wall Panelling

    I'd say run a cable as it's the first mention of it. It's just one of a number of cables in the room.
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    "I feeling" or "me feeling"

    It doesn't do anything for me.
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    33K people are posting about this.

    It's the internet and it doesn't slavishly follow grammar rules.
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    He turned his brother's head to him(self).

    I'd skip the question, but would use himself if forced to make a clumsy sentence.
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    Feelings for a cake

    This cake makes me feel famished. However, using feel adds nothing.
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    a person who has received an official honour ...

    Couldn't sainthood be seen as an extension of life and connected to the present, while dead monarchs are history?
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    I wasn't born at the time?

    It's more natural to my BrE ears than the yet version.
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    It means that first days of school have always been like this one.
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    playing double dealing

    No- you could say that they were double-dealing, but don't use playing.
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    ' Everyone hoped to have learned and know everything by the following Monday'?

    He may have waited for her for a time, but he wasn't waiting for her when she cleared customs.
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    He beckoned to her...

    And that there are different variants of English.
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    I don't know if it's AmE or my ignorance, but I had never heard the term before I read this thread.
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    You use hump in your title- humpback is an old-fashioned term for someone with a permanent deformity of the spine, not someone slouching in a chair. It's not very politically acceptable as a term nowadays. (Person with a spinal deformity turning into a humpback)
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    struck /stricken with/by cancer

    She was struck by lightning.