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    Norton Juster obituary

    “This kid had gone into a world where everything was correct but nothing was right.” - Norton Juster describing his classic, "The Phantom Tollbooth". I recommend it unreservedly to every intermediate-to-advanced learner. His obituary, possibly behind a paywall, is here
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    nature source of comfort

    It's fine.
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    Five Western North Carolina dialects

    I ran across a short article about Appalachian American English dialects found in western North Carolina, with a link to samples. Those who are interested in regional American English might enjoy it.
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    Maine legislature's style guide discourages Oxford comma; truckers win $10 million

    If you habitually omit Oxford commas, remember to read your lists very carefully for clarity. Maine truck drivers stand to win ten million dollars by showing that a Maine law that was probably meant to exclude them can be read to require overtime pay. When the legislature drafted the law, they...