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    "Which" "that" in my sentence

    Rachel, I'm growing weary of moving your threads about your own writing from Ask a Teacher to Editing & Writing Topics.
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    The standard practice in the press and other publications I read seems to be to capitalise Covid-19, but not coronavirus. Does anybody know of any good reason why Covid-19 deserves a capital letter?
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    Just for fun

    I copied this from These are probably as old as the hills, but here they are. A dangling participle walks into a bar. Enjoying a cocktail and chatting with the bartender, the evening passes pleasantly. A bar was walked into by the passive voice. An oxymoron walked into a...
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    As a subscriber to the American publication Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine for a number of years, I've lately become aware that this smokers' item is being spelt 'cigaret'. This is clearly an editorial policy, as authors will almost certainly write the traditional cigarette. Is this trend...
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    I was watching an episode of NCIS and DiNozzo was reading out a printed label stencilled on a wooden crate: 9-23-6-A. He rapidly but clearly said 'nine teck twenty-three tec six tek A' (I don't know how to spell it because the subtitles just showed it as above). Can anybody throw any light on...
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    Your baby's a ginger (2),

    GoodTaste, I deleted your quote from the Urban Dictionary as it's scurrilous, inflammatory and definitely in bad taste. Click here to read a serious, balanced discussion on the topic of red-haired people.
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    As I remember

    Jokaec posted a question which I somehow managed to delete and can't retrieve. Here it is: Can I shorten 'as far as I remember' to 'as I remember'? For example, 'As I remember, before I left home, I already checked all the burner of the stove and they were all off.' Thank you for all your...
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    Happy Thanksgiving... all our American friends. Rover