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    eat their weight in food

    Hello everybody! Many birds eat twice their body weight in food each day. In fact, a bird requires more food in proportion to its size than a baby or a cat. My question is a little related to the sentence above and reads as follows: "Do many birds rätt/consume their body weight in food' mean...
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    It is a tradition

    Hello everybody! While looking through the instruction manual of a quick-release mooring and towing hook, I came across the following sentence: It’s a family tradition since 1904. (it's been a family tradition since 2904 – my “correction”). In my opinion it means that it is a family company...
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    were manufactured or date back to

    Hello all users! Is it possible to say that a device dates to the years such and such? Maybe it is better to write that some equipment was produced between the years such and such. Electric motors by Siemens for driving the pumps date (back) to the years 1939-41. Electric motors by Siemens...
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    proof-load it

    Hello all users! I would like to ask you to help me properly understand what the marked fragment means. Context: Hook part cannot swing open, hook cannot swing horizontally / vertically. Remedial action: Preferably send back to our workshop for inspection and proof-load it again before...
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    general name for crewmembers' rooms

    Hello all users! Could you help me name rooms where crew members of a floating dry-dock spend their time. The rooms include: WC, dining room, rooms; in some of them, they can enjoy each other’s company. I mean a general name for such rooms – how about break rooms? Break room: a room at a...
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    down instead of behind

    Hello all users! I heard or saw the following sentence somewhere. I dropped s coin down the fridge. Does the marked sentence mean "I dropped a coin behind the fridge"? Do you confirm?
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    take care

    Hello all users! - Take care that when releasing under ‘load’ the hook can swing downwards, so do not stand or place your feet in the direct circumference of the hook. What is your opinion? I know that “take care ….” is usually used when we talk about advice, recommendations or orders. In...
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    so that and the test of the sentence

    Hello all users! Before starting the EPR system for the first time, it is necessary to know that the equipment must be checked from start to finish, so that when final runs are made there is confidence by the supervisor no damage will be incurred in running the pneumatic system by the following...
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    check the suppy voltage .....

    Hello again The fragment below applies to a manual instruction of a quick release harbour / mooring type towing book and reads as follows: Once this has been done check the supply voltage for the solenoid to be 24 V DC. On my opinion, the marked fragment means "make sure/ensure that the...
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    which version is better

    Hello all users! I wonder which version is better: The time needed to lift a ship weighing 7200 tons is about 100 minutes when the dry-dock’s ballast pumps work without a break. Or It takes about 100 minutes for the dry-dock’s non-stop working ballast pumps to lift a ship weighing 7200 tons...
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    with the tongue dangling from my mouth

    Hello again, I would like to say that on order not to be late for the ferry, I need to be in a hurry. Every say I need to run with the tongue dangling from my mouth (just like a dog) to make it to the ferry. What is your opinion?
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    as he has all along

    Hello everybody! A) I wish my father had not gone abroad. I miss him so much. B( Don't worry! Hej will soon back and you will be able to enjoy each other's company again. A) When a big boy wants to hurt me, he will defend me as he has all along. I think the marked fragment can be interpreted...
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    comparison to a fridge

    Hello everybody! Support that I have a friend WHO is prejudiced against citizens of a neighbouring country. The man, however, had many beautiful childhood memories from the country that ge didn't like. He was taken care of by a woman from the neighbouring country. When in the neighbouring...
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    the name for a junction box

    Hello everybody! I would like to ask you for help in finding the proper name for an outdoor roofed box provided with many connections for various media (gas. power, water),. A friend of mine suggested that I should google "a switchbox" . The moment I did so, I saw the head of a cow. I think to...
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    while or for as long as

    Hello everybody! I would like to ask you if "while" can be replaced by "for as long as". Flexible hoses may be connected to the circulation 2 while the floating dry-dock is kept out of water (is not flooded, immersed). Flexible hoses may be connected to the cirkulation 2 for as long as the...
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    verb + keel blocks

    Hello everybody! I think that we all know what keel blocks are in a dry-dock/floating dock. I wonder which verb collocates best with keel blocks. 1. To set (up) keel blocks. 2. To erect keel blocks. 3. To build keel blocks. Could you help me?
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    was scheduled to have been

    Hello, Suppose that I have been asked by a friend to translate a fragment of old text into English. The point of time reference is 1999. Then (that is in 1999), there was a plan to replace one crane with a new one in 2000. Could I say something like this: In 2000, a new crane was scheduled to...
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    date back

    Hello, I would like to say that something is as old as I am. I would like to use 'date back'. For instance: A) My primary school dates back to the time / that / I was born. B) My primary school dates back to the time of my birth / me being brought into the works. What is your opinion?
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    an expiry period

    Hello again, I know that there is an "expiry date"? Does "expiry period" or "validity period" also exist? No contact or source.
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    filling in an application

    Hello everybody! Suppose that I am filling in an application. All of a sudden, I come across a blank space where my personal data should be typed in. Should it be typed "name and surname" or "first name and last name"? What is your opinion?