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    Please correct my free type essay(Work in the future)

    My topic is " work in the future". My teacher let us to be free in our essay. She has no explaination for what we have to do. So i express my essay freely. Help me to correct essay. I really try my best to write my essay. If you see something to improve my essay, just tell me. Thanks for...
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    Please correct my paragraph(Risks in stock investment)

    Like anything, there is a variety of disadvantages in investing stocks. We are going to explore three risks including unexpected risks by changing economy, gambling addiction and relying on luck, not” brain” in stock investment. Originally, investing in stock market is riskier than other types...
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    Please correct my free type essay(Pollution)

    My broad topic is about pollution. So i narrow my topic - air pollution Nowadays, When human has a high level of living, our earth has exhausted of many kinds of pollution, especially is air pollution, -one of the largest polluted sources come from three causes: growing urbanisation...