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    Any way to...

    I wanna say to a teacher that I'd like to send her E-mails to get to know her.(I'd like to send her E-mails so that It would form the basis to let me know her). How could I tell her the best way?:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::-?:?::?::?::?::?:
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    How can I say?

    I have achieved sth and sb is not expressing happiness to me,how can I tell them to be happy for me?for example:why aren't you happy for me?
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    how could I learn to use the prepositions correctly with out having to spend a lot of time on it?
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    Any difference?

    what is the difference between vacation and holiday?
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    hanging over my mind...

    how the prepositions:in,on,at and by are used with time?
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    why prepositions?

    we sometimes see a preposition after a verb which makes the verb look like a phrasal verb though it does not change the meaning of a we see in the sentence"animals storing food up for the winter".why do we use them and what is their role?
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    how to form it?

    which sentence is correct? why should have they done that? why they should have done that? and please tell me what is the rule to form a question in such a situation?
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    would you....?

    please correct these sentences. It was my summer holiday/vacation. He stayed in/at the hotel. I went there at/in the weekend.
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    would you mind?

    which one is correct?and why?:-? would you mind stopping walking?:roll: or would you mind stop walking?:roll:
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    does it exist?

    I read the word "shortcircuit"in a reading and the meaning was explained as "to avoid sth".but there is no such a meaning in dictionary.could you explain it to me?:roll:
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    let's solve this puzzle...

    Hi every one.can you solve this riddle?:roll: always runs and never walks always murmurs never talks it has a bed but never sleeps it has a mouth but never eats. could you answer this?(please send me your answers.);-)
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    how much it takes?

    how much does it take for an elementary english student to get experienced enough to pass an IELTS exam?does it depend on knowlege only or I need to take especial courses for it?what courses do I need to take?and is it necessary to work with a language tuter to pass this exam?(ofcourse my level...
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    I wanna say...

    a friend calls me and I what to tell them what they wanna say or what can I do for them.what can I say(besides what's up ...)to them?
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    IELTS and TOFEL exams?

    I do not exactly know what these exames are for?could you define them exactly and tell me how to pass them?what do I need to study to ace them?and what are their paces and differences between them?(please explain thoroughly)
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    I know the definition of pun;but I can not fully understand it.could you clarify it by using some examples?
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    Meanwhile the slow,...

    (meanwhile the slow reflective child-the boy or girl teachers may chide for day dreaming-often produces deeper insights.) DEAR teacher,I have problem working out this paragraph.I do'nt know who the subject is;and what does the last part (often....)refer to?
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    who is the best?

    Ive seen lots of methods,language tuters have;but I could never distinguish the best method,as lots of them contradict other I have problem ,making up my mind.could you give me a thorough defenition of the best person?
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    IELTS and TOFEL exams

    I know lots of people with elementary knowledge of English,preparing themselves for IELTS and TOFEL exams.are they really on the right side ? what level do we need to reach to successfully pass these exams?:roll:
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    next to driver?

    I wanna tell a taxi driver that I want to sit on the seat next to the driver' can I tell him?:-?
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    Is it necessary to study slangs ?how important are they?and,how much should I study them?more than usual words or the reverse?