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    [General] businesscard

    I made a business card for me (personal) as Financial advisor , inside the card I have written the following, would you agree with it? First Name Family Name (Financial advisor) SECURITIES DEPOSITORY Regulatory compliance CLEARING and SETTLEMENT MARKET REGULATION RISK MANAGEMENT CAPITAL...
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    Can I say this?

    "We will keep you posted with any update." The personal pronoun, “you”, may not be appropriate for formal writing. am I correct or far away off
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    [Essay] proofreading help please

    Check my presentation: - The membership approves the financial forecast of METRO for the year 2012 as presented by the Board of Directors, with a membership contribution of EUR XXX per member a calculated total income of EUR YYY total expenses of EUR ZZZ and expected surplus of EUR VVV - The...
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    [General] proofread

    Which of these services would you recommend as proofread/grammar to subscribe to it - - - - (I use it) - others Thanks
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    [Grammar] Technical Text

    Basically two varieties of replication are distinguished: the synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous replication is a cross reference with RAID1, just over larger distance: Only if the data in both storage systems are safely on disk, the application receives the appropriate response. As a...
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    Can you check this please? (Dubai)

    Rising above the turmoil of its neighbors, DUBAI has beat the odds with continued growth year-over-year in the investment sector; maintaining a stable currency and political climate. Helping to win those successes, the government and its branches have worked diligently to...
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    How to Prepare for the TOEFL iBT? links, books, sample exam, ..etc
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    can any one look at this

    Risk management --------------- Markets have procedures, rules, regulations & technical requirements to reduce the risk in the Capital Market, to protect market-participants from loss to assure the smooth functioning of the market & to maintain the confidence of investors *Settlement Guarantee...
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    Goals aims to achieve the following objectives and goals: Enhancing the confidence of investors in securities and enable them to track their investments in securities with ease by establishing a central registry to safe-keep the ownership of securities. Reducing risks...
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    can you pls check this if its correct written

    Hailed as one of the region’s most progressive economies, kuwait is making a name for itself in the international investment scene as the region’s most dynamic and sound investment environment. Rising above the turmoil of its neighbors, Kuwait has beat the odds with continued growth...