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    [General] Could someone please improve this Sentence for me?

    HR officer Email to me tomorrow I will meet Ms. Cavin She is CEO at Engineering company Please prepare yourself. I think should prepare follows 1. Can I Introduce myself follows that word :my answer is : My name is mooyong I have 11 years experiences on Electrical system, Currently I'm a...
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    [General] Please help me to corect my story

    Hi teacher. I would like you to edit my story One afternoon, When I Came home from school, I always thought " why I must learn English". I grew up in the small farm with my family and neighborhood. They lived without English. Next day when I had a English class, I was very surprised to see a...
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    [General] Travel

    I have plan to go China and want to write letter for ask my friend which month should go China. How can i write. "Hi Lung. I have plan to go China Could you please introduce me which month Should go there, I not like temperature between 15-25 C Can u help me for introduce.
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    Recular and no damaged

    Which one is appropriate for check list in excel file. I would like to creat a table for check list of equipment in hotel before hand over to owner. There have many equipment some have be damaged. Which word is appropriate when use in table between recular and damaged or no damage and have damage.
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    what dose "erect,Hoardings,outlined "mean

    I very confused about "erect,Hoardings,outlined "mean, I find and translate by dictionary but I can't understand. The sentense " The contractor shall erect all necessary hoardings as outlined by the Owner" Who know that please help me plase.
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    [General] short sentense in the drawing

    In case I caculate the smoke detector on the 1st floor = 35 set and 2 floor there have more than 1st floor 5 set = 40 set . How can I write in short sentense in the drawing and Can i use this sentense add 5 smoke detector form 1 st floor
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    Plase help me to write a Email

    Dear sir Plase comfirm that the xxx symbol what dose it mean and it supplied by the contractor or another contractor. Best regard Mooyong I would like to ask owner to make sure what dose a symbol in drawing mean (it not detail in drawing) I haven't know how to write a official email...
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    [General] OR Not in Business e-mail writting

    I would like to know whether that word "or not " should be used in business e-mail writting or not For example sentense ---> Dear sir I would like to know whether the RMU and HV1 must be provided by contractor or not Note RMU and HV are electrical equipment. If that should not used...
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    Please help me to edit sentense

    You know yourself why you don't stop it you have no way to get it(unloveable) Please stop it same as me I would like to write the short sentense to let someone know what I feel, earlier I do everything for her but I can't get little love from her. Now I want to stop to love I know it to hard...
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    How to use conjungtion "than"

    I just finished watch good movie "Letters to Juliet" I absolutely like it, If who just still in love I suggest to watch it. I don’t know how your story ended, but if what you felt then was true love then it’s never too late. If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? You need only the...
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    Given in the frist of sentense

    These facts alone make him an unlikely romantic parner for me, given that I am a professional American woman in my mid thirties. I would like to know how to use Past paticiple in the frist of sentense such as given, I just know paticiple should be following "have" or that sentense is passive voice
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    [Vocabulary] What does leaning mean

    The guy leaning over it was shirtless and wearing a do-rag, trying to come across as urban cool. I used dictionary to translate but I didn't get about this word who know that please explain me. Thank
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    What is Differences between I'm sorry and I apologize.

    What is Differences between I'm sorry and I apologize. What situation Do we use I apologize.
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    In case, In event, If

    I would like to know what is suitiation I sould use In case, In even, If I had seen the label following these : In Case Of Fire, do Not Use the lift In the event of fire, do not use the lift If a Fire Occurs, do not use the lift What them depend on and what suitiation I sould use In case, In even?
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    I read the news on I confused about past participle in this cause And given is passive voice right. Could someone explain me Who or thing in this cause is Subect and object. "We are talking about potentially $2 billion a year being yielded from this world class asset. And given that...
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    [General] Headed of the bed mean

    What does " headed of the bed" mean. I read in the book Exhausted from the flight, I headed of the bed, Waking every hour the way I did back on base.
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    What does degraded mean

    All waste constituents are not equally degraded or converted to gas through anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic bacteria do not degrade lignin and some other hydrocarbons. Those mean to be treat or not ?
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    insert "ed"

    I confused about insert "ed" for this cause When I want someone to help me to decide and check the specification I should wirte : Please help me to decided whether this data following the specification or not Please help me to decide whether this data following the specification or not...
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    What does ‘diet classes’ mean

    What does ‘diet classes’ mean The frequency of eating takeaway foods (fish and chips, etc., not bread rolls and sandwiches) was also assessed.They also included participation in ‘diet classes’ over the past month, dietary intentions (using theTranstheoretical Model and the concept of...
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    What does "table spreads" mean

    What does "table spreads" mean Supermarket food purchases study In order to assess changes in patterns of food purchases across the Project period, a supermarket food purchases study was conducted. Sales of milk and table spreads at supermarkets in the two communities were monitored during the...