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    in spite of or for lack of?

    They lost the game [ for lack of – in spite of – through – though ] good play .
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    4. We __________ own a Fiat car. a) professionally b) currently c) never d) once I see b and c are fine.Which one is better? Thanks in advance.
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    Find the mistake

    Find the mistake I don`t remember what it was like being a kid. Will it be this way I don`t remember what it was like as being a kid. or I don`t remember what it was like being a toddler ......................................................................... which one is correct...
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    The teacher wants to meet us during the break.

    The teacher wants to meet us during the break. Begin with ( we) I suggest we are asked to meet the teacher. Does it work? Thanks in advance.
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    visiting not visitting

    Peace be upon you why do we double(t) in hit to be ( hitting) but we don't double it in visit(visiting)? I hope my question is clear
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    equal or equals؟

    Five and fifteen ........................twenty. -equal b- equals I prefer equals What abut you?
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    [Vocabulary] correct the mistake

    ( I want you to work harder.( correct the mistake) I see it fine. What about you?
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    [Grammar] present simple or continuous

    4- My English four o'clock this afternoon a-is stating – b-starts – c-has been starting d– start. I will prefer (b)..what about you?
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    Rewrite 3- " Amina pays less income tax than she should."They say. (to pay) My answer is 3-Amina has to pay more tax than she pays. Am I right?
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    rewrite 2

    Rewrite - Having attacked the thieves, the police arrested two of them. (being) My answer is 2-After being attacked the police arrested two of the thieves. Am I right?
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    [Grammar] rewrite1

    Rewrite He's sure that he that he camped in this place before. (camping) My answer is 1-He is sure that he went camping in this place before. Am I right? Thanks
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    right to?

    1- Everyone has the right (for-with-to-in) their own beliefs. I will choose (to) but the meaning of the sentence isn't clear,right?
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    saw or had seen?

    I.....him before. saw had seen have seen I prefer (saw) what about you? Thanks for your help
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    have or has?

    Ten minutes have passed. Let's wait five more. or Ten minutes has passed. Let's wait five more.
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    [Grammar] seen+inf or gerund?

    -How are you? choose He was seen...........the company. enter to enter entering I think entering is ok
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    [Grammar] choose

    Peace be on you. How are you all? choose the best answer" He usually drinks tea but this morning he ( drank - is drinking - drinks - has drunk ) coffee. I prefer 'is drinking'. Thanks in advance
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    choose? 8

    I--------to spend the summer holiday in Alexandria when my sister suddenly fell ill. a) had been planning b) have been planning c) had planned d) have planned It is a question from my test.
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    I had the instruction that I leave the door unlocked when I came home. were am be was
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    You look pale. ……….. to you ? a) Has anything happened b) Will anything happen c) had anything happened d) Was anything happening Am I right? thanks in advance
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    apply for or to?

    . Tom will apply .......... the university next Friday. a- in b- of c- to d- for I will choose to according to the dictionary, but others say it will be for. Thanks in advance