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    [Grammar] passive

    Please help me in this. If my leave application has just not been approved by the manager, which is correct to say: my leave is approved or my leave has been approved and what is the explantion for using is/has been ? thank you
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    [Grammar] articles

    I know that the articles a/an is used before singular noun but for example ( it is a pleasure) why we but a before pleasure can we count pleasure? would you explain to me the use of articles in situation like this? I need vacation. is it correct without (a) or there must be (a). Thank you
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    [Grammar] grammer questions

    Please help me in this how was/were your saturday and sunday? which one is correct was or were? If an employee constantly comes to work under influence of drugs, should not the employer take an action against him? if an employee constantly comes to work under influence of drugs, dose...
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    [Grammar] are these sentences correct

    Please help me in understanding the following: when I decided/ decide to come I will let you know if i decide/decided to come I will/would let you know (here i have the intention to do something, but I am not sure if I will be able or not, is it correct to say decided or decide ( present...
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    [Grammar] using articles

    Please can you helping in understading the following: § Leave your old ideas behind so you can create room for new ones. ( why not a room) and is correct with a as well as without it? § Do we have class to day? Is it correct to add a class? If not why? § We need...
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    [Grammar] Grammar questions

    Hello, I hope you can help me in understanding the following: Using me and I (me/I) I am confused about using these pronouns For example: Me want one I want one What is the difference in meaning? Are both of them correct ??? About ( me want one) is it correct to say (me wants one...
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    [Essay] please need to correct my writing

    Please I need your help to correct the following: Vision Achieve comprehensive urban development and provide better municipal services and agriculture that contribute to building a modern state, which meets the decent life for citizens and residents in order to achieve sustainable...
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    [Grammar] Confusion in using (a) and 's

    Hello, please I need help to understand this, It does not take long time by train or by car. It is faster by plane. The question is: Why they did not add (a) before long time, train, car and plane, so that the sentence to be as the following: It dose not take a long time by train or...
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    [Essay] Please check and edit my writing

    Than you very much
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    [Grammar] using article

    Please help me to understand the use of articles, I always refer to grammar book but still it is not clear to me 1. The above student has applied to the practical training of the college of information technology, university of ABC, to do his/her training, Which is a requirement for graduation...
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    [Grammar] present simple

    Hello, I know that, in writing (simple present) we add s to the verb. can I have more advanced examples or a long text shows the using of s in differnet situations. In these example: ask someone who wakes up to wake you up. ( why not adding s to the second wake) which one in...
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    [Essay] request for help in editing my short essay

    Would you please help me in editing this short essay. The topic is (is our culture too soft on issue of work ethics) {{The absence of integrity and honesty in some part of the daily life dealings, for the purpose of getting things easily done, getting rid of certain circumstance and...
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    [Grammar] using on, at,to and for

    Hello, This my first post and I am still confused with the basic English. Can you help me to understand the correct uese for on, at, to and for. I checked many grammer books and did a lot of practice but still confuse. for example: I wrot at the top ( the correc ueses for/to) which one...