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    multipurpose room

    I'm looking for the proper name for the room primary teachers use at school for various activities . I've already found multipurpose room. Is it a name actually used in schools ?
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    the way(s) the date is written

    I'd like to know how you are used to writing the date in English. How many authorized ways are there ? The one I use in my classrooom is Thursday, September 15th . What's yours ? Thank you
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    What does THF stand for ?
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    commas in dates

    I wonder whether the comma after the day in dates is advisable or merely compulsory ? Tuesday, September 16th ? Thank you
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    the commencement speech

    I'm looking for a speech entitled The COMMENCEMENT SPEECH. Not any comm. speech for this one aroused controversy in the USA-in the 70's.Unfortunately, I have no other references. Thank you
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    English words borrowed

    I was musing about those English words that are used in French. Loan-words which have( for some of them) lost their original meanings :Guess what they mean or try to explain their change of construction: Un parking: un baby-foot un talkie-Walkie ( vice walkie-talkiein English) your...
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    vase and garage

    I'd like to know whether vase can still be pronounced[va:z] and garage pronounced [ra:j] in England, America, Australia , NZ or in Canada.If it is the case, who use those forms? ( class, age..) Last time I heard garage be pronounced like it was by Mr NEUTRON in an old Montypython's flying...
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    News from nowhere

    A couple of years ago,I discovered the amazing writer- politician and artist William MORRIS and read his News from Nowhere. I studied other utopian visionaries ( T MORE or BACON ) but MORRIS sounds particular and his theories, turned into gentle poems and adorned prose, are so inviting. If...
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    I have always been puzzled by the English word PRIDE which bears two different meanings. A tricky word for translations. Do you know other words such as PRIDE ?
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    to take the micky

    Can anyone tell me the origin of to take the micky out of someone. Does it have something to do with the slang name given to Irish people or Roman Catholics? Thanks
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    A casual topic

    Are we the doxies of the doxa ? Hope I could rip a promising harvest.
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    Chaucer/ Spencer/ Milton

    I took to (re) reading Milton 's poetry . It reminds me of Spencer 's Fairy Queen . Who could give me his opinion on Chaucer, Spencer an Milton's correlations? Style, Syntax. I need hints to start a cross-reading and a analysis.
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    so far away so close

    There is song by U2 called So far away so close. Last time I listened to it it was ten years ago. Today I could at least listen to it again. Does anyone know about the meaning of this song?. references are numerous and cultural differences hinder my full conprehension of it. Anyhow when...
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    Happy Rotter

    I 've always wished to make a study( psy-sociological, cultural) on Harry Potter. Every relevant analysis will be welcomed. Has anybody ever found the anagram Happy rotter ? or Am I the first ?
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    The Basque language

    I send another SOS to whom could enlighten me on Finnish Ouralian tongues ? I'm also taking the Aborigenal languages. I 'm studying the Basque language and I've read a couple of linguistic theses on the subject.Now, I need informants and a sufficient corpus of phonetic and lexical items to...
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    I ' m starting a comparative study of Euskara with other non-indo-European languages. I therefore look for people conversant with Finnish or Estonian and even The languages spoken in the Caucasian area. Questions will encompass phonologic evolution, lexicon and grammatical phenomena. Alain
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    I was pondering upon the origin of the word KITE . Any hint would be welcomed.
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    car and she

    I wonder if cars take the female gender in American English just as ships in GB My car and her wheels? Is it true ?
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    As an English learner, I 've been taught that often should be pronounced without uttering the t. Of course, as years went by, I realised- thanks to Pr Jones and his sacrosanct English Pronouncing Dictionary- that the T could be uttered but this way was regarded as old-fashioned. The question at...
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    Casino Royale

    A polemical subject: The last James BOND Casino Royale triggered fierce conversations throughout France. The question was whether the final E of royale is a mistake or not. I had an explanation, which I 've shared with many of my fellow-citizens, but I 'm afraid they might not have been...