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  1. Harry Smith

    What does "catty' mean in this sentence?

    On the way to school we took potshots at dogs with our catty.
  2. Harry Smith

    Another Olymipic is or the other Olymic games are...?

    Which is correct? Another Olympic Games is coming. Or The Olympic Games are coming...
  3. Harry Smith

    Who do you think....?

    Who do you think is the best player in your team? Is this sentence grammatically correct?
  4. Harry Smith

    I'll give you another question...

    I heard the teacher say this sentence:" I'll give you another question..." in one of schools. I usually say " I 'll ask you another question" or "I have another question for you". A friend of mine insists on " give another question" as the right option. I think, we can ask a question, but we can...
  5. Harry Smith

    Which sentence is correct?

    1. I shut the window before the bird had flown in the room. 2. I shut the window before the bird flew in the room. 3. I had shut the window before the bird flew in the room.
  6. Harry Smith

    Future with I think

    Which sentence is more correct grammaticaly? 1. I think it will rain soon 2. I think it is going to rain soon.
  7. Harry Smith

    A lot of ( lots of)

    Is there any special usage of "a lot of( lots of) " in interrogative and negative sentences. In Russia in most school textbooks " a lot of ( lots of)" is recommended to use only in positive ( affirmative) sentences. I don't think so. I have come across sentences like this: Do you have a lot of...
  8. Harry Smith

    Is there another way to say this?

    The best in life is worth waiting for...
  9. Harry Smith

    I work on the floor

    What do native speakers mean saying " I work on the floor" Thanks in advance!
  10. Harry Smith

    Less & lesser

    What's the difference between less and lesser? Are they synonyms?
  11. Harry Smith

    Board of Honour!

    I wonder if there have been a board of honour in England or some other country except Russia. In the Soviet Union there was a board with the photos of the best workers of the company... How would you call it? Is " board of honour" ok?
  12. Harry Smith


    How is "can't" pronounced in the UK, the USA and other English speaking countries?
  13. Harry Smith

    Which sentence is preferable?

    I'd like to know how native speakers say these two sentences. It'll be rainy in Moscow tomorrow. There will be rain in Moscow tomorrow. It seems to me they are both correct.... Thanks in advance!
  14. Harry Smith

    How do you say in English?

    1. The sound made by the wind in the tube. 2. The sound you hear under your feet while walking on the snow on a frosty day. 3. And finally "ears" become red on a frosty day... Are they hot (red) or there is another word for it?
  15. Harry Smith


    Merry Christmas! Likewise or same to you? How is it popular to say in Britain?:-)
  16. Harry Smith

    Correction of mistakes?

    Do you have such a term in English : Correction of mistakes? or better to say Error Correction?
  17. Harry Smith

    Correction of mistakes

    Correction of mistakes? In Russian Schools schoolchildren have to do it after the test. Here the teacher analyses their mistakes. Do you have it in English schools? I'd like to know your opinion, native speakers....
  18. Harry Smith

    Learning Foreign Languages: Is it a hobby or a must?

    I just want to pay attention to how people of different nationalities learn foreign languages. My friends living in English Speaking Countries often say: Why we should try to learn other languages when the whole world is full of English. They mean English is spoken all over the world and I agree...
  19. Harry Smith

    No school, No Future, No English

    "Nowadays schools are very boring, I like staying at home and playing computer games" I remembered one of the sixth-formers words when I sat down at my desk to finish the letter to a friend of mine. Suddenly an idea came to my mind. What if I start a thread in the forum about school in...
  20. Harry Smith

    Will & Shall

    What is the interrogative form of these sentences? I will visit him on Saturday? We will help them with their English. Thank you in advance!