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    [Grammar] Future simple vs progressive

    Hi. This time next week, my dad will have an operation. This time next week, my dad will be having an operation. Are they both grammatical? No context, part of a test.
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    [Vocabulary] Nature

    Does it sound natural to say "clean up nature" like in "Every spring my class goes out and we clean up nature"?
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    [Grammar] The sun will shine all day tomorrow.

    1/ The sun will shine all day tomorrow. 2/ The sun will be shining all day tomorrow. Are the above-mentioned both correct? If so, what is the difference, if any?
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    [Vocabulary] Stress in compounds

    Hi, where do we put stress in compounds like 400-metre distance or 2-hour break? Thanks. W
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    [Grammar] Articles before names of dishes

    Hi, do we use articles before names of specific dishes? For example: "I will have a curry with rice." - "And I will have a stew."
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    [Grammar] Advise + verb

    Julie advised not to go to the dentist. Is it grammatical?
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    [Vocabulary] B2 First Test

    This is an excerpt from a B2 First test. Many international visitors to Australia (0) ENTER the country through the city of Melbourne and(1) SET out on their tours from there. If you do so, it’s extremely (2) ……… that you will ever(3) COME across kangaroos or koalas in the city. 2 A unknown...
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    [Vocabulary] So incredibly proud

    Hi, is is grammatical to say: "I am so incredibly proud of you." ? Or should we decide for either so or incredibly?
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    [Grammar] second and third marriages

    A test question: The study also watched second and third marriages and found that they bring ________ health benefits than a first marriage. Options: 1/ a little 2/ less 3/ the least If you asked me, I'd go for fewer, however, there isn't such an option. What is the correct answer? Waawe
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    [Grammar] Lay in vs to

    Hi, do we lay the baby in bed or to bed? Thanks. Waawe
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    [Grammar] Do good

    LeBron James recently uttered to the media: 'Anger does any of us any good and that includes myself.' Is it a good English? Shouldn't it be: 'Anger does not do any of us any good.'? Or does the quote mean a different thing? Waawe
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    [Grammar] Each of vs every one of

    Hi. Each of the computers is broken. or Every one of the computers is broken. Which is correct and why? Thank you.
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    [General] Village or the village of .....

    Hi, I was born in village Perth. I was born in a village Perth. I was born in the village Perth. I was born in the village of Perth. I was born in a village named Perth. Which of them is the correct one? Thank you.
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    [Grammar] Will for past certainty

    Hi, Can we say They will have been at home, I saw the lights on, using will have been to describe past certainty? Or He will have passed the exam, he had been revising hard. If will is correct in the examples, could we as well use would in place of will without changing the meaning? Thank you!
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    [General] A note of apology for a future absence

    Hi, what is a common way to inform a teacher you won't be able to attend class tomorrow? Can it be like: Dear Mr. Brown, I apologize for not attending class tomorrow as I am having an appointment at the doctor. Is it grammatical and does it sound natural? Thank you.
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    [Grammar] Three days' trip

    Hello, Is it OK to use the indefinite article before three days' trip? We are setting out for a three days' trip. Is it optional or just incorrect. Thank you.
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    [Vocabulary] Build someone something

    Hello, is it fine to say: We will build these animals a sanctuary. Or generally speaking, is the pattern to build someone something ok? Thank you. Waawe
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    A rhodesian ridgeback on a leash, a lethal devil unleashed.

    A rhodesian ridgeback on a leash, a lethal devil unleashed. Hello, does the saying above make sense and comply with the English semantics and syntax? Thank you for correction. Waawe
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    [Vocabulary] Broken/not working/out of order

    Hey, is there any difference in using broken/not working/out of order? Or do we use them equally and we can interchange them freely?
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    Hello my friends, could a native speaker proofread the following text? Thanks a lot. Waawe The University XY confers Prof. Mike Brown born on February 23rd, 1940 the honored title DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA in the field of fine Arts for achievements in the development of fine art and...