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    reply to a client

    @Tarheel, I agree with your suggestion. I have tried to reduce it and could reduce by only 30 words. If you could help me shorten/improve it even more, I would really appreciate it. Thank You The words in bold I think are not up to the mark and needs an expert's touch to it...
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    reply to a client

    Scenario: I own a laptop/desktop sales and service shop. My client, who is a top level person of the company, has highlighted to me and asked me the reason why I am charging them more than the price shown online on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. In my response, I have written this email. Please suggest...
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    Letter to landlord requesting reduction in Rent due to Covid-19

    Please let me know if the below letter has any grammatical errors and any suggestions are also welcomed. Thanks in advance for all your help. Good Morning Sir, Hope you are well. As you may know, the circumstances of the global pandemic has heavily impacted everyone and created a financial...
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    A short story

    Please suggest corrections to the below short story which I just wrote, especially the lines in bold. Also, if possible, suggest a good moral line for this story. I tried to give a good moral line but I think it isn't attractive enough. Life Lesson Learnt A Hard Way My friend said to me, “I...
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    [General] Writing an experience

    I have written a tragic experience but I would like experts to make necessary corrections to it (esp. the bold part which I feel does not sound quite good). Don't restrict yourself from making corrections to the non-bold part though. I was on my way to give my 10th grade exams. I reached the...