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    Reason to swap keys

    Please help me to correct the letter. Sir, In 2018 I got conceived for the first time after taking a fertility treatment for 4 years.During that period, doctor advised me to be very careful and not to strain more physically to avoid miscarriage. Because of the post-pregnancy signs I was very...
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    Increment sanction

    Please help me to draft this Letter. Dear SIr/Madam, Sub:Request to sanction increment on completion of graduation With reference to the above subject I hereby inform you that I have completed my graduation in 2020 and I am eligible for two additional increments for my degree completion...
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    Apology for wrong credit

    Please help to edit the letter. Dear Sir/Madam, We regret to inform you that the cash of Rs.1300/- has been deposited into another account instead of TNCSC account on 12/10/20 due to technical glitch. Now we have done rectification of that erroneous entry and re-deposited the amount into...
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    Order placement

    Please edit my letter. Dear sir/Madam, As we are in need of currency notes counting machine hereby we place a order for one note counting machine from your end. Further we request you to deliver the machine as soon as possible to us for providing good customer service to our customers...
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    Medical reimbursement

    Plz edit my letter Dear Sir, Sub:Request to reimbursement of medical bill With reference to the above I hereby submit my medical bills for the expenses incurred during my delivery for reimbursement. Sir,Since I was under Maternity leave from March 15 to Nov 8 th of 2019 I was not able...
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    Title correction

    Please help me to correct the letter. Dear Sir/Madam, Ref:Pension of Miss.Gunasundari\PPO 8609876 With reference to the above,we found in our records that the pensioner is a unmarried daughter of Late Mr.Raju whereas in your letter dated 02/02/19 it has been mentioned as widowed daughter...
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    Leave cancellation request

    Please correct my letter. Respected Sir, I have applied 2 days(23/08/2018 to 24/2018) Casual Leave in HRMS for the purpose of health check up in hospital and it got approved . But unfortunately my health condition got worse after the two days due to my pregnancy and I was advised by the doctor...
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    Release of pension

    Please correct my Letter.Its a forwarding letter to pension office. Dear Sir/Madam, Subject: Request to release the family pension of Mrs.Pattu The Pensioner named Mr.Manickam was expired on 20/06/2017 and it is found that his wife Mrs.Pattu is entitled to get the family pension as per the...
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    Letter writing-pension

    Please correct my letter.A forwarding letter to pension office. Dear Sir/Madam, Subject:Non payment of pension/Tamilmani The above named family pensioner is claiming that she has not received her pension for the past three months from may 2018 to July 18. Therefore we are forwarding the request...
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    Request letter

    Please correct my letter. Dear Sir, I was advised to undergo for a laproscopic surgery by the doctors from Vijay hospitals,Hosur.Therefore I Request you to grant me 15 days medical leave from 8th may onwards.
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    Please correct my letter.Its all about getting No objection certificate from the employer to attend the exam and interview of some other company. Dear Sir/Madam, Sub: Requesting for No Objection certificate to attend the TNPSC CESE exam_2018 With reference...
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    Forward Letter to local head office

    Please correct my letter. Dear Sir, Sub: forwarding the P.F and Gratuity Nomination copy of employee Mrs.Poongodi With reference to the above we hereby forward the above named employee's below stated documents for your necessary action. 1.P.F Nomination...
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    Overtime payment

    Please correct my letter. Respected sir, Sub: Request to pay overtime allowance-reg I have involved in the suspense account reversal activity on 5/02/18 and worked 2 hours beyond the working hours(I have done overtime for 2 Hours). Therefore, I request you to pay the overtime...
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    About leave approval

    Please correct my letter. Dear sir, Sub: request to approve the leave taken on 20/04/17 and 21/5/17-reg I have taken 2 days leave on the above said dates while working in ambur branch and applied the leave through the HRMS portal for approval. But the leave has been not...
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    Joining time

    Please correct my letter.Here 'joining time' refers the 6 days leave which can be availed on account of transfer from one place to another. Sir, I have been transferred from ambur branch to jolarpet branch on 07/08/2017. Now I would like to apply for joining time from 23/10/17 to 27/10/17...
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    Indemnity letter

    Please correct my letter. Sir, I have availed my LFC(leave fare Concession) facility in Jan 2016 and now I am due for encashment of next two years block(2016-18). Sir, my service sheet was not maintained physically at my previous E-SBM branch. I am having only the soft copy of...
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    Please correct my letter

    Dear Sir, I have worked on 06/08/2017(Sunday ) for data merger activity at Ambur.So I request you to credit the holiday working allowance into my account.
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    please help me to write a leave letter

    Dear sir, I am taking fertility treatment at Salem,gokulam hospital. Now doctor was advised me to undergo for a laproscopic surgery. So I request you to grant me 10 days sick leave. Thanking you
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    Sentence correction

    Please correct my sentence. I have 2 sentences for the same purpose. Tell me which will be the right choice. 1.I have put a request for newspaper bill in hrms(Human Resource Management System). Please reject the bills. 2.I have initiated a request in hrms for newspaper. Please reject the bill
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    Transfer request

    Dear sir, I am Poongodi working in ambur branch. I have enclosed a membership form for NCBE union subscription and I happy to be a part of it. Sir,I am native of tirupattur and presently working in ambur which is 30kms away from my native. It's uncomfort to travel everyday by...