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    [General] watch out for 2:40 mark?

    When you say something like "2:40 mark" to refer to a specific point in, say, a video clip, how do you actually say it? "two mintes and forty seconds mark"? or "two minute and forty second mark" with out the -s? Thank you!
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    [General] Questiona about "a point of reference"

    I was wondering if my use of the expression "point of reference" in the following sentence is appropritate/correct. If not, how else could I say it? Since my English background is heavily influenced by American English and culture, my point of reference with regards to comparing and...
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    [General] Questions about expressions in a news article

    I was reading a news article about IBM banning its employees from using Apple's Siri over security concerns and ran into the following paragraph. Because the system that makes Siri available is so complex and multifaceted, Apple could reasonably justify extracting and using the information...
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    [Grammar] Grammar check/Any suggestions for better expressions?

    I'm trying to translate this Korean short story into English and below is the beginning passage of the story. I only did a passage, but I wasn't really sure if it would make any sense to the readers who haven't read the original text. Could you all check the passage for any grammatical mistakes...
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    [Grammar] I have a question regarding the usage of definite/indefinite article.

    This may be a fairly simple questino for you but since my first language doesn't have definite/indefinite articles, using articles is one of the toughest part in learning English for me. So I was wondering, when you say, "I won a/the second place." whether I should use a or the. I was thinking...