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    Don't understand a passage in Milton

    I am puzzled by the following passage in John Milton's masque Comus – maybe someone here could help me understand it: Enjoy your deer Wit, and gay Rhetorick That hath so well been taught her dazling fence, Thou art not fit to hear thy self convinc't; Yet should I try, the uncontrouled worth Of...
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    Hello, I'd like to know if there is a more or less overarching English term for a discourse shared by a small group of people, like in-jokes, but not just jokes, I'd also include nicknames, shared memories etc., i.e. everything that would not be understandable outside a narrow circle of friends...
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    Is there a special term, or an idiom, to describe a prank consisting in one person's putting horns (a V-sign) behind the other person's head when photographed? Thank you
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    for aught i know

    hello, could someone please give me a context in which you can use the phrase "for aught i know"? i know what it means i just cant figure out how exacty its used thank you
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    Can't interpret some passages

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    clauses - urgent

    Hi, can I say It was done on his initiative, who is......... By who is i describe him on whose initiative it was done. if i can say so, is it formal or informal, or stylistically neutral? and do i need a comma in that case?
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    Hello, could someone please explain to me the following sentence? The friend, who is but the fane of fortune, fawns and grovels at the feet of wealth. Namely, what does the fane of fortune mean in this context because a person can't be a temple, obviously. thank you
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    unclear expressions

    Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding the precise meaning of some expressions I would like to ascertain I am correct about. 1. In the phrase "Don Juan will be known bye-a-bye for what it is intended - a satire on abuses of the present state of society", what does bye-a-bye exactly mean...
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    Hello, what does the following phrase literally mean? "It is morally less confusing to be goosed by a travelling salesman than by a bishop". Does "goose" in this context simply mean "hoodwink", despite its literal meaning "to hit someone's buttocks"?
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    Hello, could anyone please tell me if the expression "grocer's port" simply stand for a drink of a very bad quality in the following context: "In literature, vulgarity is preferable to nullity, just as grocer's port is preferable to distilled water." Even though it is clearly figurative here...
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    distinction between terms

    what does "loose verse" mean? Is it the same thing as free verse, or blank verse, or does it just mean that the poem described is approximating to rhythmical disorder? Please clarify it as precisely as you can, Thank you.
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    What does "lisp in numbers" exactly mean?