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    Would someone be able to answer my question, please ? :-) I'd like to know some verb. What a chiropractor could say when the patient's right shoulder is slightly more backward than his left shoulder and his left waist is slightly more forward than his right waist?:-? Crooked is too serious...
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    the differences between sunonyms

    Hi, How are you? :-)May I ask you the deference between synonyms, please ? What are the differences between think, believe and suppose? :-? What are the most common ways of using them for native English speakers?
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    Hi, How are you doing? :-) Could I ask you some verbs, please? What a chiropractor can say to her patient when the patient's right shoulder is slightly higher than his left shouder? Can she say your body slightly inclines to the right to a native English speaker? How about when her patient's...