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  1. philadelphia

    Were stayed vs had stayed

    Having written one of the following, I'm doubting which one I should've picked up. First of all, are these two sentences correct? If he were stayed for a while, he would've got used to this. If he'd stayed for a while, he would've got used to this. My try: They both are correct to me. Well...
  2. philadelphia

    Which exam of proficiency in English?

    Hi there! Which exam of proficiency in English do I need to take to enrol myself in a university of the UK and/or get a job in the UK? Actually, I'd appreciate it to be general. I've thought of the CAE or the IELTS thus far. The main problem with the second is that I've got to pick up either...
  3. philadelphia

    TOEIC test

    Though the number of brands decreased, automobiles continued to be as popular as they ____ before the oil shortage. A) have been B) had been C) be D) were being I picked up B). Please answer and comment if possible.
  4. philadelphia


    Hey, folks! I've just watched PS I love you and heard this: "I haven't done it in a while". I'm rather used to for instead of in. I consider both correct, though they do not mean exactly the same to me. For would be for the duration while in is more for the time separating the two times...
  5. philadelphia

    Colloquial English

    'Colloquial English is a term given to spoken English used in common speech. It is not the same as Standard English and will differ from region to region'. Hello, dear teachers and folks! I need your help so for me to understand better you native speakers in real-life situations and in...
  6. philadelphia

    Check it out

    Hey, folks! Today, I need to get some help for the following: In how time can I see the effects of it? How time can I see the effects of it? How long can it take for me to see the effects of it? How long will it take me to see the effects of it? I would say either the last one or the third...
  7. philadelphia

    Is it correct?

    I thank all of you for having thought of me. Or maybe it could go this way: I thank all of you for having thought of my birthday Just to thank the boys and girls who thought of my birthday. Are they correct? If so, which one sounds better?
  8. philadelphia


    A friend of mine went to Ireland that summer and talked about 'counter' meaning 'liar'. Talking about a person, I guess I profoundly disagree with him and would rather stick to the dictionaries' definitions. I assume he had to hear it and then write it wrongly Look forwards to hearing from...
  9. philadelphia


    "The debate over human cloning is just beginning, but as science advances, it could be the biggest ethical dilemma of the 21st century." What does 'but as' mean? I would say 'although', 'while'.. By the way, if you are interested in translating 'but as' into French, it would be so nice. If...
  10. philadelphia


    I was asked to sum up a judgment. I am bound by my teacher to write between fifty and seventy words (I do not find it enough). However, I would like you to check out my grammar and why not other things that will not make sense. By the way, I do not know why but keep thinking that I have made...
  11. philadelphia


    My dear teachers and folks :-) I typed the following: It might be fair to fix it but seems strongly harder as debt is a part of football now. First, is that correct? That being said, I wonder whether I may write 'as debt is part of football now' or not. Or maybe 'as debts are part of...
  12. philadelphia


    I am really interested in getting some online tests, which will have to test my ability to write down the closest verb that goes in the gap. Do you have some online tests of that kind? Thank you in advance, folks. :-)
  13. philadelphia

    That means so much to/for me

    That means so much to me or That means so much for me. Here is my sentence: I have spent many nice moments with you and that means so much to me. First of all, I find both correct because they have got each one a meaning pretty different. Next, the explanation of that difference: - Why...
  14. philadelphia

    which grade can one become a teacher from?

    To my own part, I will be in third year in law at a French university from September and cannot help me wondering from which grade can I become a teacher of a language. Please bring your experience out in order for us to know how to become a teacher in your country - referring to UK, US...
  15. philadelphia

    Check my level out

    I keep wondering whether I am or not on the appropriate forum to ask it, am I? Here it goes, it would be nice for me to know my real level in English; on my understanding, writing, speaking. Well, where may I get a test of this kind? That is to say, an appropriate test which would be approved...
  16. philadelphia

    Check my sentences out

    I may tell the very exactly contrary. Even with a part of old players, they could win - referring to Italy in particular. Okay, their main trouble comes from players' ability to play a nice football together. If it so goes, then England would be almost unbeatable. I do not omit Brazil, of...
  17. philadelphia


    Dear mates, I am having trouble with something pretty easy. A player (footballer) may play at his club and in his national team, as well. Are my prepositions correct? By the way, I am often confused to use some prepositions, is there anything that you might bring out so for me to get them...
  18. philadelphia


    I stumbled across this following sentence When they cut my salary, that's when I'll retire. Knowing usually that after when there should not be any future, I would rather have written when they cut my salary, that is when I retire Does this sentence make sense? Why so? Thanks in advance. :-D;-)
  19. philadelphia


    Please, only check out the obvious mistakes, do not give a damn about others. This is very important. Here an interview of a software developer at Cyanide: Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Xavier, I am 23-years-old and I am currently on a work placement at Cyanide until the...
  20. philadelphia

    Please, check it out.

    This is the beginning of an interview of a software developer. Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Xavier, I am 23-years-old and I am currently a work placement at Cyanide until the end of July. I will finish my computer scientist studies this year and I would like to get a job at...